FREELOADERS HARDEST HIT: Arizona is the First US State to Make this Change to Welfare

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.55.34 AMBrilliant.

Prolonged receipt of government assistance can breed dependence and drain vital resources from the public coffer. The state of Arizona, for instance, now faces a $1 billion deficit because of entitlement spending run amok.

“We had dug ourselves into a hole, and you can’t build anything on a hole,” state Sen. Kelli Ward explained to reporters.

The key therefore is to fill the hole, which is exactly why the Arizona legislature just passed a bill that reduced the state’s lifetime limit for welfare benefits from two years to one.

This made Arizona’s lifetime welfare limit the most stringent in the nation. In fact, most states offered a ridiculous limit of five years, meaning welfare recipients could leech off the system for half a decade.

According to Yahoo News, the change was expected to drop a minimum of 1,600 families from the public dole by July 1, 2016. It will also help the state save $4 million per year.

The bill allows for exceptions to be granted for those who show good reason why they cannot work to support themselves.

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