FUNDED THUGS: George Soros Bailed out #Ferguson Cop Shooter Tyrone Harris on Previous Arrest

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 9.47.15 AMMORE is the newly organized ACORN for the Missouri area, all of which is funded by George Soros. They are responsible for putting this criminal back on the streets.

We’re reported on the shooting on Sunday involving Tyrone Harris, who, the police say, shot at them and who was in turn shot by them.

We previously noted that 1) Tyrone Harris was a protester 2) Tyrone, in street language, said he made his money by robbing people 3) Tyrone had been arrested on felony charges in November 2014, for stealing a car, stealing a gun and resisting.


In looking at the prior charge, something quite interesting shows up.

The person who bailed Harris out for the November charges is Molly Gott.


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