G2 R.I.P Ammunition – Gimmick or Godsend?

RIP_header-590x300It was only a matter of time before someone reintroduced the ultimate man stopper projectile, this time it comes in the form of the Radically Invasive Projectile or R.I.P. The product is from the creative minds at G2 Research and it does appear to be somewhat unique in its design and performance. The marketing blitz behind this new ammo has been epic and as such I’ve been inundated with requests for my opinion on the new cartridge.

The R.I.P. round is machined from solid copper and features eight “trocars”, or individual fingers that are designed to peel away from the core upon impact with tissue. The use of the word “trocar” to describe these barbs is interesting because in a traditional sense they are surgical instruments used to insert a cannula into a body cavity as a drainage outlet.

The entire 9mm projectile weighs 96 grains and is claimed to leave the muzzle at 1265fps generating 370 ft/lbs or joules of muzzle energy (they don’t say which and this figure has changed from 490 in the last 24 hours on their website). Upon impact with tissue the eight “trocars” rapidly separate from the core and head-off into eight different directions with the core creating a 9th wound channel. It appears that the “trocars” penetrate no more than 6″-8″ judging by the video posted by the manufacturer on YouTube. I don’t have a sample bullet to inspect, but my guess is that the core retains a weight around 50 grains or less (about the same as a .22LR) and is claimed to penetrate 16″ of ballistic gelatin, or roughly twice as deep as the “trocars”.

If all of the claims are true, the R.I.P. could prove to be a reasonably lethal cartridge and certainly accomplishes more than previous attempts such as the hyper-velocity loads by Liberty Ammunition that fall short of the FBI penetration requirements for effective incapacitation. That’s a big “IF” though. Since I’ve yet to see a comprehensive 3rd party test of the ammo, all we have to go on are the claims of the manufacturer which can be a bit exaggerated. I’m not saying that G2 Research is being dishonest, I’m saying I’m being the eternal pessimist and will reserve judgement until I have the chance to test the ammo myself.

Aside from the performance of the ammo, there’s the issue of the marketing behind it. I would not carry this ammo for self defense because of the liability the manufacturer has created by their overly aggressive marketing campaign…

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  • Lever Gun will Travel

    Not carrying this ammo because it is meant to kill…then why carry hollow points? Seems to me that argument is meant to drive everyone to the Geneva Convention standard of FMJ only rounds. If you shoot someone, I think it’s pretty clear you meant to kill them.

    If you think you’re going to play Roy Rogers (great shows by the way) and shoot the gun out of their hand, or just wound them, you’ve been watching too much TV.

    There may be other issues with this rounds performance, but not carrying it for self defense because of it’s potential lethality is not one of them.

    • Thomas Sharp

      I think the concern is with the potential backlash of the libtard leftist idiots declaring this round and its use a special level of “evil” due to its aggressively advertised lethality.
      The 10 to 15 dollar per round price is more of a deterrent for me.
      I will rely on my trusty .45 and its ability to not only stop an aggressor but, to move them away from me with each shot.

      • Shamus3

        I think you’re right on all counts!

  • DrZarkov99

    The issue I see is whether a round like this will feed reliably in a semiautomatic handgun. Even simple hollowpoint rounds with openings large enough to “hang” on the feed ramp of some guns can put the shooter at a distinct disadvantage. The Glaser “safety slug” still seems to be the best round that combines reliable feed, delivery of energy to the target, and lack of “overpenetration”.

    • USMC and America proud

      I also have a problem with the ‘ad’s’ I’ve seen, on the claim that these rounds act like a hole saw from the spin created by the weapons lands/grooves! Even being made from copper, there would seem to me to be a tendency to snap off the round from the air pressure resistance, AND the natural heat of the weapon firing would seem to further weaken the setup!
      I also have a problem with the ads themselves using full automatic machine pistols which would be illegal for most to have, and I for sure wouldn’t run these rounds in one of those!
      I’m sorry, but I just can’t justify the cost of a fully copper round for the ‘novelty’ of it! You know that the price of copper will substantially drive up this ammo’s cost!
      Another problem I personally would have with using this ammo, is a healthy respect for liability! Imagine if you will, a ‘finger’ accidentally getting caught on a land or groove before leaving the muzzle, breaking off prematurely and flying sideways at an angle, striking a neighbors child! No thanks! Not ready for that nightmare!

      • Lever Gun will Travel

        How many times have you shot your finger? Any interesting nick names from that?

        I would think a bigger danger would be from shooting someone in a thin part of flesh at the outside of the body and having the round bloom into bystanders.

        • USMC and America proud

          Ummm….I was referring to the “finger” of the trocar bullet, the blogger called them fingers! If you will then, a trocar breaks away from the projectile and like YOU said, goes through a fleshy piece of skin and strikes a bystander! Same diff as what I said! G2 Research isn’t going to pay for the liability lawsuit!
          And another point on that! I wouldn’t allow MY law enforcement departments to use this ammo for the same reason! Common sense tells me that as bad as today’s reports are of things going wrong at shoot outs, this round would make things worse! It wasn’t too long ago that police in New York opened fire on a man that shot up a building, then ran outside where he confronted several officer! The perp was put down, BUT these nice officers also shot 8 innocent bystanders walking on the street! Dozens of rounds were jerked off by the cops! (I say jerked, cause it’s obvious that they weren’t aimed and squeezed like proper shooters would do or the 8 ‘standers wouldn’t have caught those rounds)! Could you imagine ‘fingers’ from R.I.P’s flying all over the place in this case?

  • M.O.T.L.

    If these turn out to be “as advertised”, which remains to be proven, be assured that some idiot in DC will “feel” that these bullets are cruel and “mean” or constitute a destructive device or perhaps are a threat to “authorities” and will introduce legislation to ban them post haste. I’m skeptical that “we” (ordinary comrades) will ever see them.

    • Bandit

      The people may not get a chance to even test them for ourselves, this is going to be big trouble for ammo makers at this time we do not need any more of that spotlight being shown in our direction.

    • OzzWorx

      They won’t penetrate IIIA armor.

  • Eris Gilliard

    I think the writers point in not carrying it as a self defense load is that the manufactures hyp behind it will make it more difficult to prove a self defense case. They make it seem to be a sure kill ammo and some lawyer will run with that to try and collect their cut and make their name the first time someone uses it, even if completely justified. Personally if I was in a situation where it was them or me, I would want the best ammo available to make sure of coming out on top. Saying that, there are a lot of good loads out there that have proven reliability in their ability to feed, fire and stop the bad guy. I’d try several and load with the best which is not always the same one for each gun, caliber, or even shooter.
    As always, especially when it may come to saving your or a loved ones life, don’t believe all that you read (even on the internet), but go by experience and personal knowledge.

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      I understand your argument and the authors. I just see the authors being a capitulation to political correctness. If I shoot someone, I fully expect them to die whatever ammo I’m using. In fact if they don’t die I’d be surprised.

      Myself personally, I think a more effective round would be a .45ACP +P hard cast wadcutter. Nothing ensures death like a flat meplant of sufficient diameter; and a .45 doesn’t really need to get bigger.

  • AR154U

    This ammo goes far beyond hollow points! JHP ammo stays in the intended target, pretty much whole and intact. This ammo penetrates 16″ (goes through target) and also splitters off copper shards ???,… NO WAY! Not for me, a responsible CCW or LEO must always think of the legal “civil” and possible criminal liabilities!

    • Reb Biker

      As you can see in the above picture, water makes this bullet immediately break up. It is impossible for those resulting elongated slivers moving in different angles to penetrate human tissue 16″. They may penetrate two or three inches, if you’re lucky. This bullet is a useless gimmick, designed to separate fools from their money.

      • AR154U

        Perhaps Reb Biker, but it will also make gun owners look even worse. The anti-gun nut crowd will cheer with glee showing the “so called” destructive capabilities of these rounds and embellish upon them. Hitting water balloons and ballistic gelatin is one thing, but the real crazies (like Dateline NBC) will shoot other “things” and skew the results. We don’t need this right now.

        • Reb Biker

          I don’t believe that the crystal clear ballistic gelatin used in their video is calibrated, either. It compresses and jumps around far more than calibrated ballistic gelatin when hit with a 9mm bullet. Everything about this bullet and its advertising is fake.

        • Bandit

          No joke with fanatics like Frankenstein and that dog boxer and so many others they will go nuts over this ammo. AND yes they will do everything they can to make it look like cop killer ammo. I would think that the maker of this stuff would come up with a better way of making it, to have a round break up that way you are asking for trouble someone other than the target is going to get hurt.

  • Reb Biker

    P.T. Barnum was right. There really is a sucker born every minute. This is a totally useless gimmick aimed solely at the gullible. Every claim in their promotional video is false. It will drill through a car windshield like a hole saw? What a joke. It will explode on contact with a windshield, and the small solid base of the bullet may make it through if it’s lucky. Bullet fragmentation is exactly what you DON’T want in a self-defense round, and it makes bullets far LESS able to penetrate objects. That’s why bullet makers created bonded bullets when the technology became available.

    If they had marketed this bullet as being designed to be used in crowded spaces like airplanes where it will stay inside of people and do less harm to innocent bystanders, it may have been believable. That is the only scenario I can think of in which this gimmick would be useful, but the Glaser Safety Slug does an even better job of protecting other passengers because there are no little slivers of copper flying around. Therefore, this bullet is absolutely useless.

  • Bandit

    The old black talon ammo was bad enough now we have this stuff hitting the markrt no way, this stuff is black talon on steroids times 50. A person that carries I don’t think will want this stuff IF you were defending against a gorilla then maybe but to use this ammo on some skinny kid you would rip them in half, NO pun intended. How fast is this ammo going to get put down by the feds just watch and see. I will just use the plain old hollow point or I will use the black talon when I can find it.

  • Proud_to_be_American

    The only way to prove the defensive claims is for it to be used against the intended target, the closet thing than gelatine has been pig carcasses. let’s see how that works before more of us Armchair ballisticians feed the flames!

    • Lever Gun will Travel

      Yes, I am waiting for a respected 2nd party evaluation. Until then it’s all hype and hyperbole from both sides of the fence.

  • SGT Big Dawg

    The best advice I have seen is to use the same ammunition that the LEO’s use. After speaking with and seeing my local LEO’s handguns they are all using the 9MM loaded with hollow point ammunition. I personally carry a .45acp loaded with hollow point ammunition which will do the job for which is it designed and that is stopping an attacker quickly. This ammunition appears to be just another idea for selling more ammunition and nothing more. Any ammunition used and that is placed in the right spot will stop an attacker. As always it comes down to accuracy and bullet placement for the best effect.

  • hijinx60

    If I ever have to shoot anyone, I will mean to kill, and this round will do that. It would cause a doctor nightmares. Can you imagine eight different wounds/directions plus one main wound? Any hit could easily be a lethal hit.

  • Pissed Off American

    Reid, Feinstein, and the rest of the Socialist party will probably try to label it as an “assault” bullet to get it banned.

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