Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.30.04 AMCan you imagine if this happened in America?

This video shows a mother who works as a cleaning woman, and her daughter who works as a nurse in a retirement home, being removed from their apartment into an emergency basement apartment for homeless people. The Muslim migrant family who moves into their apartment are still unsatisfied with the accommodations even though they have free tv, beds, food and laundry service…

Here’s another very similar story:

A disabled man goes into the hospital for gallbladder removel surgery. While in the hospital the city goes into his apartment, packs up all his stuff and stores it somewhere.
When he gets out of the hospital his apartment is no longer available to him, because ‘they need it for some migrants.’ So in other words, behind his back they stole his apartment.
He has to live with relatives and is terribly upset about this situation. After lots of attention in the media the city caves and offers him another place to live.
This is just one of many, many disgusting things going on in Europe right now.

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