Girl’s deer turns into wolves’ dinner

It took Jessica Saenger three days to shoot a deer.

It took a pack of wolves as little as 30 minutes to take it from her.

Stories of wolves taking hunter-killed deer aren’t uncommon, but they usually involve a deer shot late one afternoon and left overnight by a hunter unable to recover it until the next morning.

What Saenger experienced is far rarer.

Saenger, 17, of East Bethel, was hunting private land near Floodwood in northern Minnesota on Saturday, Nov. 10, the second weekend of the Minnesota gun deer season.

On the morning on her third day of the hunt, a doe walked to within 50 feet of her tree stand. She trained her rifle scope and fired what she felt was a good kill shot. The deer bolted off into the woods.

She waited about 45 minutes — time for the deer to bleed out in peace and proximity — and climbed down from her stand. That’s where it got interesting


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