‘GO KILL YOURSELF’: Veteran-Photographer Bashed After Posting This Pic

Overreacting much, people?

A Virginia photographer triggered a harsh backlash on Facebook after she posted a picture of a U.S. sailor holding his newborn child in an American flag.

The photo was taken by Vanessa Hicks, who served in the Navy and whose husband is currently deployed.
But some people did not see it as patriotic. They viewed it as a disrespectful use of the American flag.

A Facebook page called You Call Yourself a Photographer? shared the picture and wrote, “The flag is not a prop. I repeat: THE FLAG IS NOT A PROP. To use the American flag in such a way is disrespectful, rude, tacky, disgusting, and against the U.S. Flag Code.”

The person also called the sailor “disgusting” for posing with his child in this manner and said the picture dishonors U.S. soldiers who have died. Several similar comments followed, with some calling for Hicks to be dishonorably discharged from the Navy.

In a “Fox and Friends” exclusive, Hicks responded to the harsh criticism, saying she felt like “curling up in a ball” and crying after these comments.

Read more: Fox News Insider

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