GOODBYE TO ME: Obama Refers to Himself in Farewell Speech 75 TIMES

Obama always had his own needs come before the country’s. Not only was his speech incredibly full of just him, it was also longer than Reagan’s, Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s…COMBINED! Yeah, we aren’t going to miss this guy.

President Obama referred to himself 75 times in his farewell address Tuesday night, according to a review of his prepared remarks by The Daily Caller.

Obama heavily promoted the speech, penning a blog post about it and appearing in a promotional video in the days leading up to the address.

Obama said “I” 33 times during the speech, “my” 20 times, “me” 10 times, and “I’m” or “I’ve” 12 times.

Clinton spoke for 7 minutes, 25 seconds; Reagan spoke for 20 minutes, 42 seconds; and George W. Bush spoke for 13 minutes, 7 seconds. Obama spoke for 51 minutes, 10 seconds, nearly 10 minutes longer that the other three put together.


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