Government Employee Wants Law to Stop Government Shutdowns

government-shutdown-650x433Our regulatory masters are once again returning to the workplace to tell us whether we can sell beer or go fishing for crabs. The New York Timesreports the process of bringing federal employees back into work (which apparently includes having to tell employees to check their emails and fill out their time cards, as though the shutdown also mandated wiping their memories).

It’s fascinating to see government employees rattled by job insecurity. One furloughed employee at the International Trade Commission, rather than realizing pinning one’s career trajectory on the cooperation of lawmakers introduces this risk in the first place, wants to expand government regulationeven further:

Robert Lagana said Thursday morning he was eager to get back to his job at the International Trade Commission.

“It beats climbing the walls, wondering where your next paycheck is going to be and how you’re going to make your bills,” Mr. Lagana said as he made his way to his office near L’Enfant Plaza.

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