‘Is Government Inherently Stupid?’: Silicon Valley Techies Digging Rand Paul

Editor’s Note: This may be the first step towards bringing libertarians into the conservative fold. A more diverse voter base would be beneficial for Republicans.

There’s a new app in Silicon Valley — conservatarianism.

It’s the app that conservative Senator Rand Paul is pushing. He wants to join forces with local techies.

But how can technology and liberty flourish side by side? Paul’s answer, “shrink government.”

“Is government inherently stupid?” the Kentucky Republican the audience at the Lincoln Labs Reboot 2014. “I say no, but it’s a debatable question.”

Since Paul’s visit a new political term is being coded — the conservatarian… part conservative, part libertarian.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Garrett Johnson organized Senator Paul’s visit.

“It’s not that I agree with him 100% of the time,” said Johnson. “I don’t agree with my parents 100% of the time, but I still go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving every year.”

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