GQ Drops F-Bomb on Ben Carson for His Stance on THIS

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 9.10.24 AMWow. Never read GQ and certainly won’t after this.

The GQ headline screams  “Fuck Ben Carson” and attacks the Republican presidential candidate for daring to suggest that in a mass shooter situation, it might be a better idea to fight back than to wait to be murdered in cold blood.

Fuck Ben Carson

You know, the only thing more alarming than Donald Trump leading the Republican presidential field is the fact that Ben Carson is the guy right behind him. While establishment puds like Jeb! Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) can’t decide if they want to beat Trump or emulate him, the Good Doctor made it clear this week that he is not only willing to replicate Trump’s signature brand of hot-garbage-spewing, but he’ll say even DUMBER shit. Here is Carson from earlier in the week on the Oregon shooter:

It gets worse.

This is Clarence Thomas all over again. A black man seeks to rise to a position of power and because he dares to stray from The Liberal Thought Plantation, at every opportunity, including fabricated ones like this, the media piles on to destroy the black apostate as dumb, crazy, scary or a combination of all three.

The real idiots here are the Gun Control Truthers on the left, and this includes the mainstream media.

They know gun control will do nothing to stop these school shootings. They even admit it.

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