GRAB YOUR GUN! Facebook Live Killer on the Loose in Ohio [VIDEO]

A manhunt is underway for a killer who shared a video of himself shooting an innocent man in Cleveland and claims to have slaughtered 14 more.

Steve Stephens, 37, is on the run after killing an elderly man on Easter Sunday.

The horrifying video shows Stephens driving up to Robert Godwin, 74, getting out of his car, and opening fire.

Godwin’s son told that he was on an afternoon walk when he was approached by Stephens.

Police have confirmed the video is real.

An aggravated murder warrant has been issued for his arrest. Police are stating residents in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan as well as Ohio should be on high alert.

Stephens claimed on Facebook he had killed 15 people on Sunday, but only one death has been confirmed.

Stephens, who works a mental health care manager, also wrote that he ‘messed up’ in postings on social media, and blamed the shooting on a woman, believed to be his ex-partner.

He wrote in a Facebook post that the woman is Joy Lane, and that he would only stop if she or his mother called him.

Lane is said to be an Air Force veteran, and he said the two dated for three years, and he wishes he’d never met her.

He is 6ft and is said to weight 240lbs. He is bald with a full beard. He is wearing a dark blue and gray or black striped polo shirt.

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Police say he is driving a White Ford Fusion with temporary tags and is considered armed and dangerous.

When officers tracked Stephens’ phone, it indicated he had crossed state lines as the signal was picked up in Erie, Pennsylvania.

His ex-girlfriend, Joy Lane, is reportedly currently in protective custody.

She sent a text message to CBS, she said:

“We had been in a relationship for several years. I am sorry that all of this has happened. 

“My heart and prayers goes out to the family members of the victim(s). 

“Steve really is a nice guy. He is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children. 

“This is a very difficult time for me and my family Please respect our privacy at this time.”

The killer’s mother Maggie Green said Stephens had called by her house on Saturday afternoon and told her, ‘If you see me again, it’ll be a miracle’.

‘He said this is the last time I was going to see him,’ she told CNN.

Cleveland Police held a news conference with Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and police chief Calvin Williams.

Mayor Jackson said:  ‘We want to communicate to him that he will eventually be caught. He need not do any more harm to anyone, any innocent people, and any concerns and problems he’s having we’re here to have a conversation with him.’

Williams then said: ‘We need Steve to turn himself in. There are two families out there who are hurting, Mr Godwin’s family and people who care about Steve, we are asking him to turn himself in.’

‘Everyone is out there looking for Steve. We want this to end with as much peace as we can bring to this right now, and we want him to turn himself in. If that doesn’t happen we have all of our partners on this and we’ll look till we find him.’

Police ask anyone with information to call 911.

Stephens blamed casinos and his lack of self control in the “Easter Sunday massacre”. He specifically called out Jack Casino in Cleveland.

He said casinos and his lack of self control caused him to “lose everything”.


Court records have confirmed he had filed for bankruptcy.

Some of his Facebook posts read:

Easter day slaughter because of joy lane.

I killed 12 people and I won’t stop unit my mother and joy lane call me.

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