GRACIE MAG: ‘Helio Gracie Belt Ceremony’ Sees its First Female Black Belt


This December I was honored by the Valente Brothers and Royce Gracie with the black belt. Being the first female to take the black belt test and to receive it. It was a huge moment for the ‘Helio Gracie Belt Ceremony’, but there was another touching moment that was a first for the academy. Check it out.

On December 8th, the GMA Valente Brothers hosted a special graduation event at their headquarters in North Miami Beach called “Helio Gracie Belt Ceremony” that counted with the honorable presence of Royce Gracie and over 450 students and friends who attended.

About the occasion the Valente Bros said:

“Words cannot describe our feeling of gratitude and happiness after Monday’s Helio Gracie Belt Ceremony held at Valente Brothers Headquarters in North Miami Beach. There were so many incredible moments. We had our first female Black Belt, Regis Giles, who began training when she was only 8 years old in our Youth Program. Also, we awarded a posthumous Black Belt to our dear brother Nelson Semedo, who passed this year. His wife and son were in attendance and received the Belt. …”

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Here is a video from the Valente Brothers describing the importance of the black belt test:

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