GUESS WHICH CANDIDATE: The Man Behind Cursing Kids Anti-Trump Video Supports

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You won’t have to think that hard. Also, this guy has a thing for exploiting kids for his cause. Check out how many videos he has done that are almost identical to the anti-Trump video.

Warning: this post contains explicit language and images

Meet Luke Montgomery, aka The Artist Formerly Known As Luke Sissyfag, the man behind the latest and perhaps most vulgar attacks on GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump yet.

Montgomery is the founder and treasurer of a new Democrat-aligned political action committee called Deport Racism who made headlines this week for his latest SHOCKING!!! Activism, including a video showing grinning children raising their middle fingers to the camera and saying “Fuck you, racist fuck!!!” and an offer to pay $5,000 to anyone for disrupting the taping of Saturday Night Live when Donald Trump is the hostthis weekend. Montgomery is also the campaign director for a pro-Hillary Clinton PACactive during the summer of 2015 called “”

At the age of about five years old, most children learn that they can get attention by saying obscene words. While most kids outgrow this phase, Mr. Montgomery has a made of career as a liberal artist and activist by employing this same SHOCKING!!! technique, over and over, in a stream of videos, direct actions, and merchandise over the past two decades. His creative work—which often involves the use of children—for causes like homosexual rights, animal rights, girls’ rights, transgender rights, and illegal aliens’ rights has grabbed him headlines and eyeballs since he started working as a community organizer in the early 1990s. In 1993, Montgomery changed his name to “Luke Sissyfag” for two years, which brought him worldwide attention.

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was one of the people who noticed. Here’s Limbaugh discussing some of Montgomery’s activism in 2007:

CALLER: (do ) you remember Luke Sissyfag?

RUSH: Oh, yeah. Who could forget Luke Sissyfag?

CALLER: Whatever happened to him?

RUSH: Luke Sissyfag right now is an animal rights activist. He’s working for some nonprofit thing. In the nineties, he was working for some place called Last Chance for Animals. His real name is Luke Montgomery, but he called himself “Luke Sissyfag.” He was a member of ACT-UP, the militant AIDS group.


RUSH: I think it was December 1st, 1993, World AIDS Day, where we got to know him. He attended a speech in Washington that Clinton was marking the occasion, and Luke Sissyfag interrupted the speech and shouted at the president he wasn’t taking enough action against AIDS. And, you know, he made statements that were highly critical of the gay community, following a tradition of AIDS activists set by the likes of Larry Kramer and so forth. He actually ended up agreeing with me somewhere publicly, that I said the problem with AIDS is that the Democrats have politicized that.

CALLER: That’s right.

RUSH: That the liberals have politicized that, and he actually agreed with me. Luke Sissyfag agreed with Rush Limbaugh.

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Hit next to see how else Luke Montgomery exploited children.

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