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Nancy Keaton lives in Chehalis, Washington with her family. She is mother of three and grandmother of three and has recently acquired the healthy love of guns, self-defense, hunting, and the Second Amendment. Nancy and her family are also a travel writing team and you can learn about fun in the Pacific Northwest by checking out their blog at NorthwestRevealed.com. Questions and comments can be emailed to Nancy at nnkeaton@gmail.com.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/androkitty Candace Lopez

    Thumbs up!

  • Vanish

    This is almost illegible.

  • http://twitter.com/DustyFae StarDust Dolittle

    These people are angry and blaming gun and want them ban…Can we Ban all drunks also cause my son was killed by a drunk driver]. And l lost my daughter in law in a house fire, can we ban all matches and lighters.
    This is stupid l could think of a hundred things to ban or take my anger out on. So stop with the silly banning. The most important thing in the world is banning obama.

    • SemperFi

      You are a clear thinking individual and your last statement is like you said the most important

    • mogul264

      Quite frankly, we should ban AUTOMOBILES!, Automobiles kill more than guns ever have in the U.S.! Axes, glass bottles, knives, boards, sticks, and stones ALSO are KILLERS, and should be banned! Liberals UNITE!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1206710220 Jolyn Rebecca Snider

        automobiles… matches… knives… or guns do NOT KILL PEOPLE. YES DRUNKS kill people and that’s real… but I’ve never, nor will I ever see an car drive over someone all by itself, or a match light itself and burn down a house, never saw a knife hop out of a drawer and stab someone and never ever saw a GUN just go off all by itself and kill 20 children.
        The CRIMINALS and Mentally sick and/or impaired are the culprits and they will and DO get cars, matches, knives AND guns no matter how many regulations are passed. In Fact… Connecticut already has a law banning assault rifles… which btw were NOT used in the killing of those 26 people. So HOW can you say MORE legislation would make any difference ?
        Chicago has the MOST STRICT gun laws and 446 children died in shootings in 2012… The politicians are USING these incidents as they see fit THEIR bills… sorry for the pun. This insanity has got to stop.

        • mogul264

          OK, obviously, you didn’t read the IRONY I intended when I wrote that! Of course, it is the person using these who is the REAL criminal! All. save maybe, the auto, are just TOOLS, and used, as the liberals who seem to be in the grip of the Commie/Socialist/Progressives who are REALLY running this country, at present!

  • Educated NRA Supporter

    This would have been a much better article and carried more weight without all the grammatical errors. I am on your side, but an article full of grammatical errors only makes our cause look uneducated.

    • rcbobj

      Are you a libturd. You just have to nitpick about something.

    • Ken C

      @Educated NRA Supporter, Nice that you can offer something of substance to the discussion on the article. If you copy it and post it into a document and run spelling and grammar checks on it you will likely find that they only have problems with the names mentioned. Other than that they are OK. Her point is very valid and pretty well stated. The root cause of shootings like this and even the ones that get stopped by an armed and trained citizen is a society that doesn’t value human life, and one where people don’t have to take responsibility for their own actions. That along with the break up of traditional “nuclear” families and rhetoric from the President on down that calls for revenge, demonizes people just for their success, and preaches hate over something as simple as a difference of opinion, sets up a national mind set where deranged people will think it’s OK to do such things. The response we need is to return to the values we once had as a Nation that promoted citizenship, reaping rewards for hard work and effort, not just showing up, taking responsibility for ourselves, and more. If you are truly educated then you will know the rest. I saw a statement in an article about Dave Brubeck that I liked. “Brubeck often compared jazz to democracy, saying both challenged individuals to express their freedom while being disciplined enough to respect the freedom of others.” Adopting that philosophy in all things would go a long way towards repairing some of the damage in this country.

      • jerry sweet

        he’s one of them.a dirty filthy liar who has nothing to do but follow his handler obama and lie.He is the worst kind of liar

    • jerry sweet

      Liar.NRA supporter huh.LIAR.uh and you say you are educated??.man or whatever you claim to be just helps prove my point stupid people remain stupid people.whats the matter your mommy didn’t put enough sugar on you cereal.shut up and let the woman alone.she has more sense than you do,at least she has a point.all you liberals will die as your leader throws all of you under the bus.one thing about insanity is this.you can see it coming and still cheer it on.NRA supporter.LIAR!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Martin/100000259634691 Dave Martin

      I am glad to know you are an NRA member. But seriously, the “Holier than thou” stuff is over the top!

  • Old American

    A very good article, apparently written by an intelligent lady with a great amount of common sense. That is something that is becoming quite rare these days.
    Nancy, you are exactly right and I applaud you, and your well written article. It is a shame that so many other people in our country, as well as most that are trying to run our government, do not posses the intelligence and common sense that you have.
    Thank you for such a great article!

  • http://www.facebook.com/harrell.morlan Harrell Morlan

    I wish the communist/democrap, fraud Yobama would ban spoons because I think spoons made me fat!! I want all spoons and forks banned from society until they can prove spoons and forks did not make me fat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

    Anti-gun advocates are the same ones who advocate killing thousands of children every day… through abortion… because they don’t recognize those children as being children. Hypocrites, every single one of them!

    • Farmer

      Remember … it’s for the children! … Too bad the libtards don’t think of unborn babies as human beings. God will get his just rewards on those folks who allow this grievous crime.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1443371258 Tbark Knives

    Kind of reminds me of the people who shouted Crucify Him About Jesus , Mob Idiots who are Mad an too stupid to know why or at what , just want blood ,another reason I will give up my guns when the secret service an polititions do , never underestimate the power of stupidity in small places ,t

    • jerry sweet

      i completely agree.i live in a small community and the stupidity here is rampant.remember all liberals are traitors to our Bill of Rights.so when the traitors come we will have a lot of targets,that’s if we can catch the cowards.drop (one) and watch them (run).just for you —educated?nra supporter.nra means to you N-o R-easoning A-uthority

      • Jim McClain

        Exactly! This is the real reason to have lots of magazines and lots of ammo! A war is coming to this country…believe it….prepare for it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1815457097 Rhonda Renee Sessions

    I would like to see how far Obama and Joe Biden get, in new gun control laws. Harry Reid, Leader of the Senate, is an NRA member, and a gun advocate. Do you think he’s willing to give up his guns? Let’s blame those 30-round ammunition magazines, like Nancy Pelosi says… let’s put her out in the open fields and meadows, where we’ve hiked miles from our vehicles that transported us out to our hunting grounds… and then run out of ammunition because we’ve been limited to 10-round magazines by federal law. These people don’t think logically, as liberals are known to do, and then demand that we follow their short-term answers, because they haven’t thought of the long-term ramifications of their solutions. Liberals do not think logically, they think emotionally… and that is what these gun-control advocates started screaming before the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary’s blood was even cold. More gun control. They don’t even think that the law-abiding citizen is the educated one who is rational and logical about guns and the responsibility that goes with them.

    • http://twitter.com/SvartUlfer Steven Phillips

      The whole hunting issue is really not a valid argument anyways; that is, when talking about magazine capacity… In the majority of States, one is already limited to no more than 5 rounds of ammo in a mag/gun at a time. Also, I do not know a single hunter that limits themselves to the amount of ammo that they can only carry in their magazines or guns on hand. Most carry additional rounds in a pouch or pack. Also, unless your gonna be doing some plinking while out hunting, most proficient hunters do not carry more than what they need (depending on how many tags they have). The whole issue is NOT HUNTING, not even in the slightest bit!!! It is about Protecting ourselves against enemies, foreign and domestic (including our own Gov’t)

    • LLinLa

      There’s a reason Liberal politicians think the “voter” is an illiterate dufus. They know THEIR voter base oh so well . . .

    • Jim McClain

      Trust me they HAVE thought this through. It is all about disarming Americans. Period. The U.S. is the only country that has a 2nd Amendment and “We, The People” are armed which stops Agenda 21 and the New World Order. So…Americans must be disarmed for their plans to come to fruition. Simple as that.

  • Old lady in Texas

    I live 30 miles from the nearest sheriff’s office and from the nearest Police station. How long do you think it would take for someone to protect me to arrive??? You can’t cure stupid!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Odin316 Kevin Blankenship

    Amen sister! Its this very thing the Gun Control types are doing that incite the fringe to act on their impulse and do what The Adam Lanza’s do, they know they will get top billing and then the gun will get the worst of the blame!

  • Thorshammer

    I will defend my constitutional rights and my family’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with my(heavy emphasis on my) guns and my life. And even if my elected officials choose to ignore the oath they took freely and willingly when they took that office. I will not ignore that oath that I took in !968 when entering the service of my country.

    • Jim Smithson

      Same here! I will use my guns to protect me and my family from ALL attacks including those from the corrupt politicians in this country!

  • jerry sweet

    then they came for me and i killed as many of them as i could.As long as i can stand or at least pull the trigger,i will not let some of these traitors go home slapping each other on their butts,saying boy looks like we knocked one out of the ball park tonight.Quote from police after Rodney Kings beating.The Bible which is my guide book,does warn us there will come a day when men will think they have become wise,but instead UTTER FOOLS.These brain dead people saying their form of violence is more acceptable if we don’t disarm proves the Bible to be true.They are so stupid in some cases,during the latter half of the tribulation people will know it’s GOD pouring out wrath on this sinful/vile world and yet will shake their fist toward Heaven and go to the Lake of fire instead of repenting.yep sounds like wisdom to me.

  • rcgg_g

    I will bet these people wanting to ban firearms don’t even
    know what the 2nd Admenment is even about?

    They believe the bleeding heart liberals like Cuomo that doesn’t
    even know; he thinks is about hunting any elected official which believes the 2nd
    Admenment addresses hunting they should be removed from office immediately.

    Let’s blame the airplanes for 911 and not the hijackers or
    better yet if Bloomberg has his way Boing would be held responsibly.

    Our politicians are out of control and need to get the hell
    out of office We The People need to enact term limits now for all public appointed

    • Jim McClain

      You are correct. They have no idea what it is truly about. Did you see what Danny Glover said was the real reason for the 2nd Amendment? Please do a search for it. You will be floored. These “actors” are communists and go around and re-write history and young people believe them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dowdwm Mike Dowd

    This is what I want Obama and Joe to do…..take the guns away from the secret service agents….put a big sign on limo, air force 1, and on the white house lawn and at Joe’s residence stating, “Gun Free Zone”. If they do that, then we will see how much they trust that gun laws will be effective.

    • LLinLa

      That comment, my friend, is one of the most succinct common sense concepts I’ve heard in the whole debate! But hypocrites won’t follow their own rules because inwardly . . . they know they’re wrong!

  • slickzip

    Socialist fools want to ban guns and make slaves of us ,,,,,

  • muypro

    They won`t be happy till they have US defending our selves with stale Twinkies and Ding Dongs to throw at the bad guys!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Ms. K, you’re spot on. Not only are the gun control freaks irrational, cowardly and plain damnstupid, they are DIRECTLY responsible for every death in every gun free killing zone they have mandated across this nation. Millions of our kids and grand kids are at risk of any mass murdering lunatic that casually chooses their school for the next tragedy. And they will be coming back, again and again, to these shooting galleries of innocents for their moment of fame. Only ONE little school district in Texas (they seem to have some common sense) not only allows, but encourages teachers and staff to carry their legally licensed firearms while at school. That’s the only school in the nation where a mass shooter would NOT get far, picking that school as his target.

  • DaHeat

    As a Law Enforcement Officer,I have lost close friends were were shot and killed by PEOPLE with guns! Here in Bexar County, Texas there is a severe problem with drunk drivers, and by jurors who sit on juries who hear DUI cases! These DUI cases involve person who drive drunk, and hit and kill people. The Bexar County jurists find them guilty, but give them probation!!! Drinks protecting other drunks!!! The State of Texas needs to take away the punishment phase from juries, and set mandatory punishment for drunk drivers! If a drunk driver kills someone, then prison time is mandatory, if not the death penalty! Black boxes on cars is not a workable solution, unless it requires retinal scanning,,, otherwise someone else will blow into the machine for the drunk driver, thus defeating its purpose…

    • Jim McClain

      Agree with you completely! On the same note in some states it is only the judge that hands down the punishment and SOME of these judges have the power to dismiss the guilty party even if they were found guilty. Judges should NOT have the power to do that. I’ve seen several cases where the judge dismissed the case AFTER he/she was found guilty and let the person go with no consequences of any kind. That is wrong.

  • mogul264

    Perhaps we should publish the addresses of these ‘gun-control’ types, and let everyone know WHO isn’t protected! Like the sign one gun supporter had in his yard: “The house next door (indicated with a > sign) does NOT believe in having arms for self-protection! To avoid harming their sensibilities, I agreed I will NOT come to their aid should anyone break in on them!”

  • waterman

    Very good article, I really think that if they come for our guns that there will be another civil war………………. The only problem with that thinking is that I still have faith in my fellow American (that is a real American) that if told to take away guns from his friends and neighbors could he/she do it. Would the government really have enough power to force the Army or National Gaurd to go and confiscate legal guns from legal gun owners. I just don’t see it happening and the flip side to this argument is that they may use the UN to do thier dirty work. Now…. just how do you think that would fly with the American people.
    I think that the U.N. people better think twice before coming to our country and trying to take guns from us. They would be dead in a very short amount of time.
    People are not going to just give up thier guns, not with out a fight.
    GO!!!!! TEXAS, WE WILL LEAD AND LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you do not know how to shoot a weapon, now is the time to learn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002839359789 William Mdcannold Jr.

    Mrs. (?) Keaton has done her (rational) homework and is most articulate. As such, she stands tall among credible proponents of the Second Amendment. One suspects she is a person of professional stature. Has she an NRA membership? Should she have one, the NRA would do well to ask her to continue to lend her voice to the cause. Perhaps she would make an outstanding region rep? Given the reputation for Washington States’ pathetic state of liberalism, Nancy could represent a ray of light among the idiocy.
    According to my atlas, Chehalis is a bedroom community of around 8,000 along I-5 – just 30 minutes south of Olympia. Nancy is well located to deliver her rationality to the elected “representatives” of the citizens of WA.
    Nancy: Hope you are not unduly burdened by my post. On the other hand, perhaps you are already engaged in the battle for law and reason?
    Fwd: Institute for Legislative Action – National Rifle Association.

  • Richrd Hogue

    Go for it Girl

  • Kenneth Kirkham

    Could we just ban stupidity? Most libs would not then be allowed to vote …

  • http://www.facebook.com/alberto.rosales.98 Rosales Alberto



  • Farmer

    I believe xanax, proxzac and other srui should be banned. I believe people who “need” these drugs should be committed until declared “well” and able to function without the drugs.

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