Gun-Control Enthusiast Mayor Bloomberg Takes Armed Security to Gun-Free Bermuda

bloombergAs Mr. Bloomberg ratchets up his Second Amendment clampdown, and spends millions of his own dollars to push for stronger gun controls through Capitol Hill, the online community is reigniting this story.

Bloggers are questioning why Mr. Bloomberg on one hand pushes for tight gun control, but on the other, finds the need for gun control exemptions for his personal protection.

“Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda,” writes Walter Olson, of Cato, quoting a New York Times article. “But Mayor Bloomberg of New York, one of the nation’s most famously anti-gun politicos, has a dispensation for armed bodyguards from his own NYPD.”

One blogger writes in answer to that: “Gun laws are just for the ‘little people.’ Those who command millions of dollars and political capital don’t have to obey gun laws since they…


  • Vanish

    He has armed escorts because he is like the 9th richest man in the world….

    • granny_forUSA

      Yeah, rich in ignorance. His home is well guarded too. Before 2001 he was a Democrat (it figures), & the 7th Richest Man.

      Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born February 14, 1942) is an American business magnate,politician and philanthropist. He is the 108th and current Mayor of New York City, having served three consecutive terms since his first election in 2002. With a net worth of $27 billion, he is also the 7th-richest person in the United States.[1] He is the founder and 88% owner ofBloomberg L.P., the global financial data and media company most famous for its Bloomberg Terminal.[2][3]

      • Ronald R. Johnson

        SCREW HIM!

        • violater1

          I would not want to do that with your dick he isn’t worth self degradation! But agreeing withvyou I am sure we can find someone that will gladly screw him with their own wacker! Come to think of it their are inmates in the new york prisons that will gladly get them some of the old geeser!

      • Black Rain

        I put my pants on the same as he does. I haven’t been educated the way he was but, I still believe the constitution with the bill of rights are the greatest document written and I don’t go around forcing my will on others.

  • Dave G

    Bloomberg was afraid for his safety,,,well don’t you think we are afraid for our safety and that’s why we have guns too? If they are successful in taking our guns,,,or the ammo,,then they are making us victims,,,that be the case,,,then why don’t they want to become just like us,,,victims?

  • granny_forUSA

    They all talk the talk but just fail to walk the walk. Or is that “don’t do as I do, just do what I tell you to do”. Do believe that everyone of the dirty dozen & the rest of the dems, are afraid for their safety these days. They know how we feel, and yet they continue to do what they want to do. Do ya think they are wearing bullet proof vests?

    • Sam Wicks Jr

      Going down the same road the German people went with Adolf. Take our guns and then send us to camps (for training or burial; wonder which)! And Feinstein, how many personal ARM guards does she have? And carry, does she walk into the Capitol with a gun? You all know where we would be if we carried a firearm into the capitol!

    • K

      Indeed “Von Fileccia”.
      For”them” the Democrites. Two faced: (Democrats/Hypocrites/Dictators)
      Do as “I” say, Not as “I” Do.
      Dictatorship is what they want and are pushing for.
      “They” become so rich (often from us lowly average to low income people) that “they” transform into (in their minds only) Higher Level Human Beings and think of us as sub-Human Beings.

      Many, if not most of the Millionaires and Billionaires are for the NWO because, they will be at the top of the Pyramid, exempt from all unConstitutional laws and the Rulers of their Serfs.
      Unfortunately, many if not most multi-millionaires and definitely most billionaires become control freaks. They have so much money (that also never seems to ever be enough) that they focus on control and the ones to be controlled are the average non-millionaire/billionaire and since they find it difficult to control so many people – “us”, they decide to disarm us and, do whatever it takes to reduce our numbers to a more manageable level. Disarming us is one of the first steps towards that goal. (See videos of the effects of Government Rulers/Dictators, Chemtrails and Vaccinations – below)

      Agenda 21, Georgia Guidestone, Gun Control to Gun Confiscation, Chemtrails – HAARP, Vaccinations, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Sterilization, etc. etc. are a few of those methods they are trying/doing to accomplish their goal.
      Their Goal of Total “Control” over us!
      Bill Gates is a perfect example; Gates, A multi-Billionaire, one of the founders inventors of Microsoft, is heavily into Vaccinations and now funding Chemtrails/Poisoning.

      How much of all this is being funded by millionaire/billionaires we never hear about.

      Thing is; maybe Bloomberg wouldn’t feel the need for all that personal protection if he would STOP attempting to remove our God Given Right for Protection, which includes our 2nd Amendment Rights, while Hypocritically Dictating that it doesn’t apply to him and his family and his staff.
      Unfortunately, the chances of ultra rich people treating ones that aren’t rich as equals is unlikely.

      Bill Gates Vaccinations

      Bill Gates Poisonous Chemtrails

      Innocents Betrayed – The History of Gun Control – FULL LENGTH

      • Black Rain

        Congress is sitting on their hands and not doing a thing about the tyrannt.

        • K

          Congressmen/Women are Cowards. Prefer to; “Go Along, to Get Along”

          They need to be replaced with Patriotic Oath Keepers willing to do their job, to; “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” even when their colleagues are to cowardly to do so – breaking their Oath.

    • Black Rain

      Michelle and Michael should be married. They both believe citizens can’t think for themselves or do for themselves. When I watch letterman or leno I sometimes agree with them. Our children are taught by liberal teachers which tell the children nothing about American history. These two TV host ask citizens on the street who the president is, who the pope is or even who the governor or mayor may be. The people have no clue. Are these city folks that damn dumb?
      Now I know why bloomie and Barry believe big government is the answer.

  • jeepdude911


    • Black Rain


  • TPS12

    He’s entitled after all he has more money.

  • T.W.Quebalski

    Bloomberg should get a concealed carry permit, provide his own protection and work at a convience store in southern Alabama.

    • wildturkey

      I like that idea!

  • Breeze13

    His unfounded paranoia shows a he has mental health problems. He should not be around guns, he may take one from his bodyguards and go shoot up children at a school. These people should be behind bars.

  • John

    Let’s remove his armed protection period. He say citizens don’t need guns, then neither does he need them. He is a hypocrite and a first class jerk. Why isn’t his “gun protection” trip aired on national news?

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    Bloomberg sucks just like his cousin Obama who also is above all gun control laws!

  • Adrian Vance

    This little man has a Napoleon complex and he will not rest until he has more power. He could be the ruler of the world and he would still want more.

    See The Two Minute Conservative at: and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • noweareman



    This little SS jerk is such a horse’s butt hypocrite……..get rid of this clown NY..

  • $12994363

    All of the money in the world won’t stop a well placed .357. And with the enemies that Mr. Bloomberg has and is making he’d be well advised to remember that.
    The world is full of crazies like him, and one of them may well decide that he is not worth the air he breathes.

  • Sam Wicks Jr

    What is good for the goose “MUST BE” good for the gander! What kind of slimeballs do we have in government? If they can have armed guards, then we the voters should be able to have firearms. What kind of two faced idiots run the government; oh wait, we have obamy. Says it all. Time for another paid vacation for the family next week?

  • opsman

    Yet another example of the it’s okay for me to have them but not you attitude of all the leftist libatards.

  • Altus

    What a jerk !! Disgusting Commie/Lib .

  • Barry Blough

    He shouldn’t need security in Bermuda, because he’s as safe there as he is in NYC. They’re both gun-free, aren’t they?

  • Harold

    Bloomingidiot is the hypocrite of all hypocrites.

  • Randy131

    Why is this news, and why is it so surprising? Everyone knows that what the elected elite expect to be provided for them is not for the common people. Armed guards, or armed protection of any kind, is only for the people who matter, not the common people. And we are taught in the indoctrination centers, commonly referred to as public schools, that America, the USA, has a classless society, that everyone is free and equal, but apparently , as Mayor Bloomberg indicates by his words and inverse actions, that some people are more equal than others. Only the people that matter are allowed to be protected by guns, the rest of us are to be prey for those who do not obey the laws now on the books, induced by the laws that Mayor Bloomberg wants passed. If Mayor Bloomberg gets the laws he wants passed, banning any type of guns from the American people, then he should also not be allowed to use armed guards, let his guards obey the same laws that Mayor Bloomberg wants all the rest of us to obey. Fair and equal society, when Congress passes the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that all Americans must comply with, and exempts themselves from the same law, and this is suppose to be a classless society? Those in the USA who will not be under the Affordable Care Act will receive the best healthcare in the world, but those who are prisoners of Obamacare, will have to navigate a 2nd class healthcare system, and many will die because of it, when they need not had to if they were able to acquire the healthcare that was available to them before Obamacare became law. If Mayor Bloomberg gets his way and passes laws to ban guns of any type, even more Americans will die of gun violence, while those who passes these laws will be protected by those who will be exempt from those same laws, making the elected elite safe from the results of the same laws they pass. Fair, equal, and classless society, yeah, right!?


    What’s there to question? Of course he’s a total fraud and hypocrite-he’s a liberal! It reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell’s O’Reilly Factor interview. He questioned her on her “the gig is up” comments to gun owners and her own use of armed guards for her adopted kids. She admitted hypocrisy on the issue, apologized to gun owners and recognized our 2nd amendment rights. Then she followed up with “we celebrities have too much power and talk too much”. Rare honesty by a lib, you’ll NEVER hear that from Bedbug.

  • Eugene Lubben

    YEP ,,, socialist and liberals say ,, ” DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO “

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Bloomberg is like every other Elite Liberal: They have their own set of rules because they are more valuable than us peons. Making rules for us to follow is what they consider to be their duty because we’re too stupid to know what’s best for us. I refer to the size of soft drinks in New York.

    • violater1

      You mean kinda like the 3California bitches Frankenfeinstein, penallousy, wetpants waters! Dumbest bunch of cunts on earth!

  • bronco1

    everyone is equal in the sight of god. mr. bloomsberg , obama, and all p[eople will be judged by the same god . riches alone will not get you in heaven and you certainly cannot buy your way in . the love of money is the root of all evil

  • Julian DH

    Hey, what gives him special rights, and the pee-on’s none. For once it would be nice to see these people live in the real world. It is time to demand, no force, these hypocrites to abide by their philosophy. If he claims guns are bad then he must forgo any armed security. Of course he, and his socialist, compatriots will NEVER do this. They are special, and the rest of the country must bow down to them and kiss their collective rears. Or, as put another way, bend over and take it with a smile!

  • TexasLady

    Bloomberg is a ‘little” people. The fact that he is teenie tiny is his problem.

  • Ed Noce

    Show us how it’s done Mr. Bloomberg. We wanna know.

  • Nate Tanguay

    Why did he need armed guards? Didn’t he know Bermuda is a “gun-free zone/country?”

  • Nate Tanguay

    Are any of you brave enough to join my Warriors?

    • Timur

      I’m blocked from viewing the website you posted.

      • Nate Tanguay

        Try another avenue, such as Google Chrome, etc. Even though you can’t get on I still consider you a Warrior. Try going through my other web site also.
        Best of luck

  • robocop33

    Do as I say and not as I do! I have no problem with trained good people carrying a firearm concealed. That way they can protect themselves as well as other innocent people from the bad guys. It is good that others feel this way and are willing to help out and stop the bad guys from winning doing their level best to protect themselves and others.

  • Parker Orfield

    Billionaire hypocrite who will try to take all guns!

  • Flash

    I don’t think Alabama wants him ..

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