GUN CONTROL NATION: You Won’t Believe What School Told High School Senior When he Wanted to do a Pro-Gun Project

campus carry gunThis is madness! This project had approval for the project a year in advance but this kid still needs an evaluation? Welcome to Hillary’s America.

Officials at a New Jersey high school ordered a senior student to undergo a psychiatric evaluation over a project concerning gun rights which had been approved one year prior.

Administrators reprimanded Manville High School student Frank Harvey after they found the project on a USB flash drive he left behind in one of the school computers.

“I’ve never been a violent person,” Harvey told News 12 New Jersey. “I’ve never had detention in my life.”

Harvey says the video project – which featured pro-gun statistics, instances in which guns had successfully been used in self defense and political cartoons depicting gun free zones in a negative light – was approved by a teacher, who even awarded him an “A.”

Check out slides from the student’s project:


“It was assigned by the teacher, and I got the topic, which was anti-gun control, approved by the teacher,” Harvey stated.

After police questioning, Harvey was cleared.

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