GUN OIL H2O: This Walmart Shopper Points Out Epic Fail at Gun Counter

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.38.08 AMYou will never guess what this product actually is.

Jamie Lee Bracey said he was in a Walmart in Florence, Alabama, last week at the gun counter and happened upon a product that piqued his interest — “Gun Oil H2O.”

But it turns out the item wasn’t what Bracey thought it was, so he grabbed his cellphone camera apparently on the spot and recounted for us all his stunned reaction, holding one of the bottles he grabbed.

Reading further, he discovered this “Gun Oil” is “for topical use” and user is to “apply desired amount to genital areas.”

“Boom!” Bracey said.

“They don’t even know what they’re sellin’,” he said. “It’s crazy. Getcha some!”

The website called it an “epic, hysterical fail on Walmart’s part.”

Two Walmarts in Florence — on Cloverdale Road and Hough Road — have gun counters. Bracey didn’t indicate which Walmart he was in. But sporting goods staffers at both stores told TheBlaze Wednesday morning that no “Gun Oil H2O” was for sale at their gun counters. A staffer at the Hough Road store knew immediately what the product was and told TheBlaze it’s a pharmacy item that’s often mistakenly brought to sporting goods in boxes of returns — but not placed on display.

But one Facebook commenter, Johnny Yerbey, had this to say: “I work in sporting goods at Cloverdale. Other associates leave it at my counter having no idea what it really is. I always have to take it back to pharmacy haha. Its sooo deceiving.”

Read more: The Blaze

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