Gun Owners: Ruger Makes it Easy to be Heard by Your State/Fed Reps

rugerContact your legislators now!

At Ruger, our motto is “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens.” It is not just a slogan; it is genuine recognition that millions of law-abiding citizens use our firearms safely and responsibly every day. We are mechanics, doctors, teachers, police officers, firemen, nurses, factory workers, and every other occupation you can name. We are a vast and too-often silent majority … and our rights are under attack.

Make your voice heard too!

Given the forces assembling against us, merely relying upon lobbying efforts is insufficient. Law-abiding firearms owners must stand up and be heard. This affects all of us, so we cannot stand idly by and rely upon others to fight on our behalf. Too much is at stake.


  • Jay Baadsgaard

    Also demand that your rep look into the Pharmaceuticals most mass shooters were taking.

    • Silas Longshot

      Exactly! EVERY shooter in these tragedies was on some kind of mind altering BS. Big Pharma will fight this to the end, because they make BILLIONS off pushing this crap.

      • CrustyOldGeezer

        Along with strong evidence that nearly all, if not ALL, shooters were democrat voters, or came from hard core leftist families.

  • gypsy314

    I for one will not obey any new laws from this President or congress from either side. Our elected leaders have a choice impeach Obama or else.

  • Silas Longshot

    Better be careful how we indict the drug industry in this (although they’re clearly the cause of most of this). The head on one small gun manufacturer was killed in a ‘car crash’ after posting proof of Big Pharma’s part in all this.

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