Gun Slingin’ Human Statue Punches Observer In The Face

  • moberndorf


  • Lucky

    Cowboy justice in action.

  • Figley E. Whitesides

    That punk needed serious slappage.

  • The Old Man

    It’s a damn shame that he only hit him once. I was hoping for at least a one .. two shot.

  • Brian Bertha

    Observer? The guy was an ass deserved a good smack

  • bayman61

    The only thing punks like this understand. Well done.

  • Eugene Lubben

    Good for the Cowboy thjat punk needed a good punch in the face ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • wminaz

      It was a lot more than a garden variety slap. The guy was just asking for it.

  • Terry C

    Hope the idiot’s nose was broken. Has he learned his lesson?

  • PaleRider

    The cowboy showed great restraint. He only punched the prick once.

  • B.f. Caffrey

    What is it with some people that they cannot appreciate the hard work and efforts of others without trying to disrupt or ridicule them? This jack*** didn’t get half of what he deserved. The very idea of taking a finger out of your mouth and putting into someone’s ear is disgusting at the least, possibly criminal assault. It’s really too bad the cowboy didn’t clean the guy’s clock.

    • jimmylu

      The wet finger in the ear is call a “Wet Willie” . as kids 50 + years ago it was funny, but this guy was a absolute Ass. I commend the restraint and praise the “Cowboy Justice”. The he returned to his statue position, great man!

      • LaylaChloe’sNana

        Even then, you don’t ‘wet willie’ a total stranger.

    • John Paul Jones

      It’s to bad he didn’t pistol whip that puke!

  • Greg Smith

    Was this for real or was the “punk” getting his just desert part of the performance? Either way, it sends out a positive message.

  • Joseph Hubbard

    Loved it….three more round houses and a spanking…punks like that bullying and antagonize believing there will be no justice. Surprise! LOL

  • JOE


  • marineh2ominer

    And that ladies and gentlemen , is how a cowboy handles an A–hole .


    Beware of statues lacking pigeon poop as proof of inactivity…

  • hongryhawg

    That punk’s name is Dick.

  • Mike11C

    He waited longer than I would have.

  • Ray

    Gotta love it! Cowboy justice … I have been to Texas and if that idiot would have messed with this guy in Dallas/Ft. Worth or anyother city or town in Texas, it would have been more than a punch.

  • DigitheadRex

    Mess with the bull and you get the horns. The performer interacted with the respectful young man very well and in character. Dumba$$es think they can be jerks without consequences. I bet he had a deuce of a time getting witnesses to his getting punched in the face, if he was weenie enough to call the cops.

  • mikeym1a

    The twerp had it coming.

  • Wolfman Jack13

    Good for him!!!

  • Frank Jameson

    Nice shot, it would have been better if he had just pulled that pistol and drilled him right between the eyes.

    • Phaenius

      Problem is, Frank, if this person was even a concealed carry permitted person, folk like us are well informed of consesquenses of pulling our weapons, and even in a real self defense situation, the paper work is daunting, and to pull a weapon even at such disrespectful behavior would never be considered worth it. A fist cuff was a good response that even in a lion community proves sufficient.

  • handgunnar

    Yippee-ky-ay, mother——!!

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    That guy who got punched was a jerk.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    No brass knuckles?

    too bad. It would have much nicer with a permanent disfigurement for the guy to look at every morning in the mirror.

  • Silas Longshot

    Observer, you say? No, this dikhead harasser was getting what he deserved. Personally, I wouldn’t have had the self control the actor had, I’d have decked him way sooner.

  • Jan Bradley

    Good for him! The guy was an authentic jerk and he was asking for it. Some folks just NEED to be punched!

  • doug63

    rule #1….don’t touch.

  • IllinoisHostage

    Wish I was there to tip Hoss a double saw buck.

  • Breeze13

    There’s some people ya just don’t mess with. This cowboy was quite civil, now, had it been a biker,,,,,,,

  • robocop33

    Good! He deserved it! I would love to hear that 911 call, Hello, 911 what’s your emergency;
    Caller: Yes 911, a statue just assaulted me
    911: Excuse me?
    Caller: This statue of a cowboy just punched me in the face because I was teasing it.
    911: Sir, it is a felony to make false calls to 911 so hang up and don’t call again or you will go to jail!
    (Click)! LOL!

  • Gary Ray

    should have kicked him In the groin, then he would have had something to complaign about If he could get up.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Notice the requisite large amounts of TATOOS on the arm and the total lack of respect, each go hand in hand. Large amounts of Tattoos are a form of self-mutilation, represent a sign of subconscious self-hatred and a show general a lack of respect for the individuals themselves who do this to themselves. This in turn which projects out into their environment to other people in their anti-social behaviors bad attitudes and the PUNK image they project.

    • Sharon Bell Ingram

      Um, Anthony, I respectfully disagree. I’m a mom of three active duty airmen, mom-in-law to two, grandmother to two, wife of one retired AF Chief. I have five tattoos, my husband one, my children all have from one to too many to count, my gorgeous daughter having the most. All but one of us is also a “biker,” another group of individuals with more class than that which most people give them credit. They in no way mutilate, nor in any way represent any hate we have for each other or ourselves. Every one of us is a practicing Christian and Patriot. We have great respect for everyone with whom we come into contact. Including the underprivileged and homeless we serve. As to anti-social behaviors, um, none. We love God, our country and our families unequivocally. And we all serve to ensure your right to say what you just did.

  • James Maxwell

    Cool individual dealing with a numbskull who got what he deserved. Hooyah

  • Roy Dille-Hayes

    bet the AH learned his leason to keep his hands to himself lol
    But watch the “Statue” will be arrested for assualt

  • David W Gray

    Based on past personal experience, that punk would have left some red liquid evidence on the ground as he walked away if I had hit him one time. As Lucky said, “Cowboy justice in action.”

  • MN-In_CA

    needs to put his hips into it to lay the twerp out. Good warning shot though right into the bow.

  • Wayne_1958

    Good statue ! Bad moron !

  • wyatt81

    The smart alecks just can’t resist, can they? Especially in our current age of smart alecks who seem to be everywhere. He got what he was asking for-just wish we could do this to the jerks in Washington, TV and in the media as well.

  • Charles 41

    A rebuke goes deeper into the heart of a righteous man than a hundred lashes into the back of a fool.

  • Ronald R. Johnson

    That is really great and well deserved and I would love to see him as he hit the ground and cried like a baby! Asses don’t always get it, but this one sure did and it made my day!

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