• Sandy

    Gee, hope the bone-headed store owner thanks the guy….

    • Charles

      Should, But may not !!

  • HA65MPH

    Sandy ‘
    i can not for the life fo me”think this is a big’ DEAL;” the ”shooter was right ”sign or no sign ”’ Sheeeshh’

    • Charles

      Would not surprise me if charges are brought against the shooter, even though he may have saved a life or two.

      • muslimmustgo

        The govt doesn’t want individuals making decisions for themselves or their welfare!Are all of these shootings genuine or are they perpetrated by other powers to try to get the public behind gun confiscation!??

        • Charles

          I have wondered the same thing?

        • mogul264

          Scenario: a plain-clothed cop was there, in the place of the customer with the CCW:

          At best, HE would be required to have done ALL the “APPROVED PROCEDURES”, identify himself, etc, or be PUNISHED! Conceivably, the perp COULD have gotten away!

          At worst, it could result in him AND the clerk dead, AND the perp STILL getting away!

          Here we have a solution: NO trial, NO costs – no maintaining jail or prison space, no food, no guards! Sometimes, LEAST is best!

      • HA65MPH


        IF THAT HAPPENS ..

    • BillM

      But some Obama adoring, anti-gun freak DA will probably try to hang the guy for protecting himself. We live in a screwed up world ever since Obama was elected.

      • IHateLibs

        You mean , ever Since the LIB/DEM COMMIECRATS , TOOK the Senate . It just went Extreme when OBOGUS , Illegaly got IN OUR White House

        • mogul264

          It has been in the process since 1913! It has just gotten exponentially worse since zerobama usurped the Presidency, turning the Oval Office into the Oval ORIFICE! (What DID I mean here? Hint: look into your bathroom!)

      • HA65MPH

        totally agree ”..”pos” will burn in ”w/ his 72 virgins in hell

      • DrSique

        Customers name is Marlo, sounds like a woman. Maybe she will be banned from the dollar store. Pretty certain that she considers her life more valuable than anything that can be found there.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Tried by twelve beats the hell out of carried by six.

      • HA65MPH


        • Daniel F. Melton

          Besides that, I break out in one hell of a rash any time I’m not carrying.

          • HA65MPH


            rub dirt and chocolate on that rash”
            works for me ” :)

          • Daniel F. Melton

            Gun oil works for me, as long as it’s on the gun.

  • Harry Rainey Jr.

    Just saved the public a ton of money. Kevin is roasting in Hell now.

    • yaki534

      It wouldn’t bother anyone if he just pee’d his pants.

  • pappap42

    Sure hope Keviin enjoyed his LAST birthday, there will be no more. (Ha-ha-ha)

  • Fred_K

    The criminal really read and explicitly followed the sign on the door. The gun owner should charge the store for security services. In this case the requirement for a concealed carry permit should not be required (it should never be required).

  • jaxtom

    I don’t understand…the bad guy violated the “law of the sign”!? Shouldn’t we raise the minimum wage, give out free tablets, change the name of a school, disarm the law-abiding citizens?? We have to do “something”!!! (Sarcasm)

  • Snoopy

    Ellis saved the store money, and also possibly saved some folks’ lives… and the POLICE are investigating HIM??? They SHOULD be congratulating HIM and offering him a REWARD!

    • tr60

      All homicides get investigated to prove exactly what the story was. When done the congratulations may be delivered.

  • Connie Alsip

    Yeah! Another one bites the dust. Thank God for concealed carry. I may just arm myself yet!

    • IHateLibs

      Whatcha Waitin for !!!??? Besides CC . Shootin is JUST PLAIN FUN . Try it . You’ll Like it .Just be sure you get Proper Help and Training . Then GO HAVE A BALL.

      • muslimmustgo

        Only the “politically” connected have a smattering of a chance to get a c.c permit here in Md. They have an unconstitutional clause that says you have to have a just reason to carry a firearm and self defense is not a valid reason to them! Anyway baltimore has had as many murders as there are days so far this year!

        • bahndon

          MD traffic enforcement police pulled over a Florida man and his family, only because they knew he had a Florida CC permit and wanted to know where his firearm was. How did they know ?????

          • muslimmustgo

            I believe, imo that this national gun registry is just that,a gun owners info is now attached to the mva records! The md transit police are really nothing more than the state gestapo! Md wants to make an example of citizens trying to express their 2nd amendment, inalienable,God given rights!

          • gian2012

            MD Gestapo are electronically tied in With Obama’s National Spy Agency in Utah

        • Edith Gaylord

          We lived in Maryland for 22 years. We found out that only politicians and those with great political connections can get a CHL.

          I remember reading in the Baltimore Sun newspaper about a police officer who applied for a CHL when he retired from the force because he’d been heavily involved in arresting gang members. He needed it for self-defense because he knew there was a price on his head. His application was declined.

          Even in NYC, ex-law enforcement with that kind of former occupation can get a CHL. Apparently, Maryland thinks the only lives worth saving are politicians.

    • bahndon
  • James Andrews

    Good story. The anti-gun, fear mongering idiots will never get it!

  • chamuiel

    In Texas, that sign would not mean squat. It is not an official state sign. Without the sate approved sign, a Judge would have laughed the store out of Court.

    • CJMcRat

      Your comment implies that this did not happen in Texas. Please enlighten me as to which state does Dallas County reside? Before you get your knickers all bunched up I live in Illinois where the shooter would be arrested and charged with depriving the poor gunman of his rights to earn a living, along with first degree murder charges. This is because the shooter has a gun therefore he intends to shoot someone dead. This charge would be first degree murder because in Illinois if they can prove that you went to the gun range to practice you must intend to shoot to kill. This then becomes premeditated murder. If the robber had shot someone then it would be termed a work place accident.
      I live in a great state.

      • Edith Gaylord

        To legally stop someone with a CHL from entering the premises in Texas, a business must post the state-approved 30.06 sign.

        In Ft. Worth, there’s a medical building (not a hospital) that posts some goofy sign supplied by the city that says you can’t carry a concealed firearm into the building. CHL holders should simply ignore that sign because it’s not a 30.06 sign. No city or county can trump, bypass or ignore the 30.06 sign requirement. The only exceptions where no signs have to be posted banning CHL holders are federal buildings, hospitals, USPS and their ilk.

        Law enforcement will investigate the shooting because it IS a shooting. Even if a police officer shot the perpetrator, he’d be put on administrative leave and the entire thing investigated from top to bottom. I hope the shooter had a valid CHL. Most law enforcement in Texas view CHL holders as friends of law and order. They didn’t view them that way in the beginning, but they’ve come around.

        • Rodney

          Edith, see my comment above (in reply to CJMcRat). This story has NOTHING to do with Texas.
          This event transpired in Dallas County, ALABAMA.

          • Ralph Farmer

            Makes sense now!

          • Edith Gaylord

            Rodney–Thanks for enlightening me!

      • Rodney

        This story is from Dallas County, ALABAMA, not Dallas County, Texas! It would have avoided A LOT of confusion with this entire posting thread if the story would have mentioned that.
        As a proud Texas resident, I somewhat resent the fact that this important piece of information was lacking. For the record the population of Dallas County, AL is LESS than 43,000 whereas the population of Dallas County, TX is OVER 2.5 MILLION.
        Also, the state law concerning concealed carry, open carry and signage is vastly different in the two states.

      • Ralph Farmer

        There is no open carry of handguns in Texas, period

  • Stealth

    These signs… SHOULDN’T mean a hoot in hell to law-abiding customers who LEGALLY carry… I know I ignore them! MY life and the lives of innocent are MORE important and I don’t believe ANY jury would convict….( Unless stacked with disease-brained lib’s of course!!!!)

    • TBJWebmaster

      Certainly I would not convict an otherwise legal carrier.

  • IHateLibs

    BULLSEYE . ONE SHOT ONE KILL . Aint that the way its Sposed to Work ??? Works for me

  • moberndorf

    Gosh! That “No Open Carry” sign sure did the trick! That crook saw it and immediately went away…no, wait…he actually went in, knowing no one else would have a gun…never mind.

    • darkcyder

      Actually, he neglected to think that “no OPEN carry” might mean there were people in there who were CONCEALED carry (about which there was NO sign). We should place these signs everywhere in Texas to help us weed out the stupid criminals who get no trial.

  • dad666

    The actions were more than justified and the Perp got what he deserved. The Store needs to rethink its Policies and by the way, the man shold get a reward for saving the peope and the store from pollible critical damage and loss.

  • GlocKittyXe

    love how the media says “they still weren’t clear what the suspect wanted”

  • James Maxwell

    Score one for the good guys and one less criminal on the streets. Taking a
    human life even if your is at risk is a traumatic event that is not taken lightly,
    the decision to actually pull and used the weapon. Many thoughts run thru
    your mind very quickly as the situation develops hopefully you make the
    correct one. In this Case I think the person made it and saved lives in the

  • GlocKittyXe

    if i am ever for some stupid reason in a store that feels they need to suspend the constitution and our right to defend our lives. my gun will stay concealed while they get shot in the face. i’m tired of these communists (most likely foreign immigrants that left their piece of sh^% country for being to oppressed then bring their crap here doing the same thing their govt did to them… oh never mind its a lost cause. enjoy your face shots commies

  • Art Hock

    Like they say: the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

  • HongryHawg

    Why is it with gun laws it’s left to the store owner to decide what’s allowed in his place of business? It’s discrimination in the face of the 2nd amendment. On the other hand if a business doesn’t want to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple or a bed and breakfast doesn’t want a homosexual couple to have their honeymoon in their place of business, it becomes a discrimination issue with the business owner being sued.

    • Arizona_Don

      Seems to be an excellent question. However, I do believe a place of business should be able to dictate whether guns openly carried are allowed. Not concealed! I also believe a business should have the right to refuse service to anyone. Seems any other ruling is a violation of someone’s civil rights. Not the other way around. I do not as an individual have the right to force someone to provide to me a service they do not wish to provide. Only a narcists would think otherwise. However, we do seem to have an over abundance of them in our society today they all have the same last name, “progressive.”

      • Phaenius

        Arizona. Think on this line. The right to self defense is paramount when considering the right to protect innocent life by whatever means, even if carrying a weapon in a manner not brandishing and threatening as a soldier or magistrate might do. Governments were established to back up an innocent person desiring to protect his life, by providing two or more persons against a single perp, in that government is the manager of the force of the community to protect life, liberty and right to possessions of an innocent living person. Life trumps property in that list, in that Liberty and Possessions are necessary in maintaining innocent life. For protection of all, the property owner whether public or private, should be not liable for any mayhem caused by a person naturally carrying his weapon of self defense, a responsible citizen is just that…RESPONSIBLE and that for his own actions not for that which the property owner has no real control.
        HOWEVER, if a private or public propert owner forbids the natural right of his guest that of self protection and that by carrying an unbrandished weapon of self defense securely attanched in a safe holster (or sheath if it is a knife), the onus or responsibility is on HIM to protect the life, liberty and possessions of his guest by providing a secure repository for the guests weapon at the place of entrance to the property so as not to effectively disarm his guest from the home to the owner’s property, and to provide sufficiently armed guard (s) to protect the guest wherever on the property the guest roams. And in case of mayhem the property owner is subject to review as to how adaquate such provisions were.
        We have laws today that seem to allow the multiplication of tyrants whether government or that of our property owning neighbors, like that mentioned in the movie THE PATRIOT.

        • Arizona_Don

          I shall not argue any point with you regarding guns, personally I am of the mind set the second amendment means exactly what it says and that is “shall not be infringed.” However, in cases out here in Arizona where we have always been able to carry open to a large degree unrestricted with some exceptions. Those exceptions are time proven to be reasonable. One that I have ran into on multi occasions years ago was carrying in bars. They had to be checked. Now normally I did not carry on myself but when riding (horseback) which we did a lot to some of the bars up north here we were always asked to check our guns. Now in some bars in other towns I will not mention here we were not asked to check them in those we did wear them, and without incident I might add. However, we all know what drinking does to some folks. And I will not get into that but I suspect that one rule alone has saved a few lives especially out here in this country. Things could at times get a little exciting at least in the bars. However, do not in any way misjudge my statement here this is or was not ever the way it is so many times portrayed in the movies as the wild wild west. It was not at all. An armed society is a very polite society.

    • Ralph Farmer

      That is an excellent point!

  • robocop33

    If he was carrying the weapon openly then the suspect would probably have shot him immediately. This customer Ellis did Dollar General a great service in protecting their employee from probably death not to mention stopping the robbery. Good for Mr. Ellis!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Obviously, McLaughlin didn’t see the sign or he would have gone elsewhere.

    • darkcyder

      Yes, it was probably a small sign and unobvious among several other signs of similar font and letter size. Poor guy was a victim of bad sign posting.



  • Timur

    Thugs beware!!! Your life is a high price to pay for the 50 bucks you may find at Dollar General.

  • http://www.il-ccw.com/ Paladin

    The store owner should sue the company that made the sign as it was obviously defective as it did not stop the thug from entering the store openly displaying his gun.

  • dogface

    Wait and see, they’ll bust the guy.. No permit or something.. They could charge him for murder I suppose..

  • Matooz

    A lot of good that sign did to deter the criminal. Another example of a lack of common sense by the owners of the store. Another example of a person defending themselves with a gun. The Second Amendment is the law of the land and no permits should be needed to allow the law to be honored.

    • darkcyder

      Re-read the article. the sign stated no OPEN carry was allowed. It did not preclude concealed carry, which is exactly what cost the criminal his life.

  • thrukhe

    I’m just glad that criminals read & obey the gun-free zone signs on the doors of unenlightened businesses.

  • dreaminbig67

    the cops said that the sign on the door clearly says the owners do not want firearms in this store, for a cop he sure does’nt pay attention the sign says no open cary firearms in this store, so Ellis was legal and the cop needs a new job.

  • dcartmill

    I have a little problem with requiring a CC permit ,where open carry is allowed (legal ).without a permit. What is the the rational behind this legality. Does anyone really have a clue as to the thought behind / benefit of this requirement , or was it originally CC required ( open carry illegal ) and CC req’d just stayed on the books after open carry was voted in / enacted.

  • dreaminbig67

    Ellis was in the right to have his weopon in the store the sign says no open carry firearms in the store, so the officer that said” it’s clear they do not want firearms in this store ” should really pay more attention.

  • omega2


  • USPatriotOne

    Good story but let’s put these distractions aside and get to the real and BIG PROBLEM “WE THE PEOPLE” FACE…!!!

    First Obama declared himself the Dictator of America last week and declared Congress to be Irrelevant ..!!! Obama and the U.S. Military are starting the RIM PACK War Games with the Russians, Chine’s and other U.N. Troops here on American soil…guess who these War Games are really for? To take the current Cold Civil War II (which was started by OB and his Military Police Cronies at the WWII Memorial in D.C. on Oct 13, 2013) and turn it into a hot Civil War II…the U.S. Army and the U.N. Troops are training in these War Games to disarm U.S. Citizens and force them into FEMA Camps…!!! Kerry admitted at the end of September that Fema/DHS/DOD has over 386,000 foreign troops on American soil…No time since the War of 1812 has a foreign Army been on American soil, and make NO MISTAKE, this is a foreign Army…!!! It’s clear that a bl**dy future is in store for the American People and this is a call to all Patriots and the U.S. Military to stand with “We the People” and to honor their Oath to protect America from all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic! OB gave away 7 Alaskan Islands to China in the last 3 years and NO ONE in the Lame Stream Media has informed “We the People”! The Chine’s will use these islands as jumping off points for their coming attack on “We the People”..!!! A number of People have run into Chine’s and Russian Troops in the Smokey Mountains this past Fall and have seen Foreign Helicopters flying near these foreign Troops dropping supplies! It has been reported that 20,000 Russian Troops are in the Dayton, OH area! This is a standard procedure to build up forces before launching and attack! Guess who these SOB’s are going to ATTACK…”We the People”..!!! Please Patriots prepare and God help us PLEASE…!!!

  • Paul O.

    Lawyer up, he’ll need ‘em.

  • Dave Phelps

    I don’t know if the perp was black, but if he was, you can expect idiots Jackson and sharpton as well as holder to rase hell about this

  • Apocalypto

    RIPieces ya damn dirty animal

  • marineh2ominer

    I suppose he will not be hailed a hero because he could not produce a ” permit ” . Now adays you have to have a permit to be a hero ?

  • John Stratemeyer

    Here we go again. Bad guys don’t read signs!

  • whap

    To have a gun concealed, you need a permit.
    Read more at http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2014/01/guns-rule-gun-control-drools-concealed-carrier-saves-day-store-disallows-open-carry/#w2Kxatc8LUb3CqCk.99
    To have a gun concealed, you need a permit.
    Read more at http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2014/01/guns-rule-gun-control-drools-concealed-carrier-saves-day-store-disallows-open-carry/#w2Kxatc8LUb3CqCk.99
    To have a gun concealed, you need a permit.
    Read more at http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2014/01/guns-rule-gun-control-drools-concealed-carrier-saves-day-store-disallows-open-carry/#w2Kxatc8LUb3CqCk.99
    . To have a gun concealed, you need a permit.
    Read more at http://girlsjustwannahaveguns.com/2014/01/guns-rule-gun-control-drools-concealed-carrier-saves-day-store-disallows-open-carry/#w2Kxatc8LUb3CqCk.99
    WHY? To carry concealed “WE NEED A PERMIT” from the government?

    IT IS WRITTEN “shall not be infringed.!” Stop giving away your rights, while you still can.

  • whap

    There goes a idea that will get you slavery! We don’t need government control!

  • TBJWebmaster

    Gee, you mean the bad guy took no notice of the “No Guns” sign? What a shock! What a surprise!

    Damn good job the concealed carrier was sensible enough to ignore the idiotic sign as well.

    Has there ever been one crime deterred by these signs? No, I thought not. But there have been crimes that were successful because law abiding citizens left their guns in their cars.

    Only an idiot thinks these signs are worth display.

  • wdcraftr

    The 2nd Amendment does Not require a Permit. The right to own and Bear Arms is Not to be Infringed. requiring Govt. permission is Infringing. I have Not given up My 2nd amendment affirming, and God given rights.. In Az I don’t have that problem yet, but if I do, I will fight, muzzle first if necessary, for my God given rights. This life is temporary, but God is preparing a Kingdom for me in Heaven. Of course, I won’t need a weapon there, because their won’t be any evil Liberals, and Dictators there..

    • tdiinva

      During the 19th Century, a time when no one challenged the literal meaning of the Second Amendment, it was generally illegal to care a concealed weapon because no honest man had cause to conceal. The phrase “keep and bear arms” means that the right to own and display arms shall not be infringed. I believe that open is constitutionally protected. The right to conceal is not..

      • wdcraftr

        So now you are reading between the lines, making your own interpretation to meet your own desire, or intent. Just as any good Liberal Socialist would do.. It says Bear Arms. It does not say “openly” bear, or subject to govt. interpretation, or yours.. Besides, if you openly carry today, people Freak out and call the Cops, so it’s preferred today that we carry concealed, at least in some states. Not Az though. And we don’t need no stinkin’ permit to carry either way.. Not yours, or Govts.

    • HA65MPH


      NO ”pos’ o-shit for brains :)

  • Robert Huddleston

    Dollar General should be giving this guy the Red Carpet treatment for protecting their business!!!

  • frankeritter

    I was in a Delta Dental office for an appointment when I saw a sign on the inside of the door that stated-“No Guns Allowed, if you have a gun on you you will be prosecuted for trespassing.” I turned around and cancelled my appointment and told them why. I, also, told them that I will never set foot in their door ever again.

  • MontieR

    I have a simple rule, no guns, NO money.

  • Merlinever

    The investigation is ongoing and detectives are interviewing everyone who was present at the time of the shooting and reviewing surveillance footage of the incident.
    “The investigation is ongoing…”……… in spite of the fact that this is a clear cut case of a responsible gun owner saving the day.
    Well of course there has to be an “ongoing investigation”.
    You can bet that those investigating this incident are going to investigate it to death in a effort to find some justification to prosecute the good guy who shot the criminal.
    One has to wonder if the people at the dollar store who put up the sign forbidding open carry guns learned anything from this.

  • vespo08

    Wonder when Al & Jesse are going down fo Orrville to incite the racial divider? We’ll find out the thief was a democrat who had a coexist bumper sticker on his Prius who earlier got out of a Harvey Weinstein movie and just completed a phone call to his disabled child on his Obama phone and in despair over not making a living minimum wage of $15 per hour being suppressed by the evil Capitalist rich businessowner, thereby not being able to afford his ObamadoesntCare health plan.

  • greyghost69

    Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said; ” You’ve been touched by a smooth criminal.” Moon walk to follow.

  • greyghost69

    If the perp had seen the no gun sign things would have been better. (Sarc.)_

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