HACKED: WikiLeaks Comes Under Attack After #DNCLeak2 Emails Were Released–Is Hillary Behind This?

WikiLeaks announced on Twitter that they are under a DoS attack after publishing a new batch of DNC e-mails. Coincidence?

Earlier they tweeted that the website was down.

The announcement was made after Wiki released more than 8,000 emails from key figures in the DNC.

This, along with all the Podesta emails, would give Hillary and the DNC more than enough reason to attack the site. If it is Hillary and Co., do you think they are scared there will be a bombshell revealed today?

Among [the emails] are transcripts of Bill Clinton’s fundraising speeches, in which the former US president attacks UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and says a tough leader is needed to “enforce the trigger that will re-impose sanctions” if Iran violates the nuclear deal.

The leaks also include Clinton aides worrying that “there are no good answers” to questions about the Clinton Foundation.

One of the emails saw former Clinton Foundation fundraiser Doug Band slamming Chelsea Clinton for allegedly spending money from the Foundation on her wedding.

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