Did Hackers Use Baby Monitors to Carry Out Yesterday’s Massive Attack?

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-9-46-54-amIn this day and age, technology is everywhere. You can get watches, baby monitors, and even cars with internet access now. With more technology comes more risks of being hacked. What’s even weirder, WikiLeaks tweeted about how they believe their supporters were taking down the internet.

Hackers that wreaked havoc across the US on Friday by shutting down major websites could have relied on household items to take down servers.

Early investigations into the attack that crippled websites across the US and in some parts of the UK on Friday found the ‘internet of things’ could have been used to overload servers at Dyn – the company that was targeted.

The shocking development revealed almost 500,000 items were potentially at risk of being activated without their owners’ knowledge, with everything from baby monitors, DVRs, security cameras, and other gadgets turned into cyber weapons.

‘The complexity of the attacks is what is making it so difficult for us,’ Kyle York, the company’s chief strategy officer, said.

‘This is not your every day attack.’

Dyn’s general counsel, Dave Allen, later confirmed that much of the traffic being used to take down servers was coming from internet-connected devices infected with a type of malware known as Mirai.

An online security expert explained how at least 45,000 ‘internet of things’ object were used in the attack on Dyn.

Dale Drew, chief security officer at Level 3 Communications, said so during a livestream on Friday, before saying the total number of infected items has almost doubled in just one month.

The alarming new information comes after Wikileaks revealed it thought its supporters were behind the hack.

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