WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CARRY! Would Be Robber Walks Into Store Where EVERYONE Is ARMED — Instantly Regrets It!

What happens when you try to rob a store…and everyone is armed?

One suspect found out the hard way.

The crook entered a convenience store, drew his gun, and was promptly shot down by the multiple people who were packing.

Concealed Nation reports the patrons were all off-duty police officers who were in the store.

Talk about bad timing!

The video shows four individuals in plain clothes standing in the checkout line. That’s when the door opens and the robber walks in, gun drawn.

Well, you wouldn’t let yourself get shot, would you?! These police officers weren’t about to let it happen to them!

The robber, in Brazil, was shot down immediately by one officer (off camera at first). All the other officers drew their guns, some pointed at the robber while others make for the door, checking for accomplices.

The condition of the criminal is unknown but we do note that he wasn’t moving very much after falling to the ground.

See what can happen if the good guys have guns? Someone, forward this to the gun control lovers!

They need to see this!

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