HARRASING SEX OFFENDERS: Sex Offender Files Restraining Order on Man Who Dedicates his Facebook to ‘Name and Shame’ such Criminals

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.29.47 AMOh, boo-hoo. The sex offender is offended.

A man who ran a social media page naming paedophiles and sex offenders has avoided a conviction for harassing one child abuser by agreeing to accept a restraining order.

Joe George McCloskey, from Anderson Crescent in Limavady, Co Londonderry, operated a Facebook page with the intent of naming and shaming paedophiles.

Prosecutors pulled charges facing McCloskey after he agreed to the terms of the order which prevents him from making contact with the offender or talking about him on social media.

When the case was called, a prosecutor told district judge Liam McNally: “We are prepared to withdraw the charge on the proviso that the defence and Mr McCloskey consent to a fairly lengthy restraining order preventing any contact between the defendant and complainant.”

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