HATERS START HATING: Trashing Virginia Thrasher, First Gold Medalist in Olympics, Because She Won it With a Gun

There were a lot of congratulations, but people couldn’t help but hate on Thrasher and America that our first gold was won at a gun event. Haters gonna hate, right?

Ginny Thrasher won her gold in the women’s 10 meter air-rifle finals, one of the most precise sports in the Olympic games, upsetting the top-ranked Andrea Arsovic (Serbia) and defending champion Siling Yi (China). In the final, she knocked out 2-time gold medalist (2004, 2008) Li Du (China).

And while many were quick to congratulate the Virginia native:

But then the haters started in:

Thrasher, whose final score of 208.0 set an Olympic record, spoke out about how the gun-control debate has put a strain on her sport: “Some of the controversial gun laws in America are just distracting from our sport, which is very different. I try to focus on the competition.”

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