Hawaiian Café Refuses to Serve Trump Supporters — Do You See the Hypocrisy?

cafe_8_12_c0-223-640-596_s885x516Liberals scream at bakeries who don’t want to bake wedding cakes for gay couples but this is apparently okay. Nice one, liberals, very classy.

Café 8½ in downtown Honolulu boasts a handwritten note on its front glass door that reads, “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis,” Fox News reported Tuesday.

The cafe was reportedly founded by Robert Warner, a former hair stylist and Seattle restaurateur, along with his wife Jali. Jali said the restaurant doesn’t actually refuse service to Mr. Trump’s supporters, and she insisted they don’t “put anything different” in the food ordered by his supporters.

“Robert just wants to express how much he doesn’t like Trump,” she told Fox. “If people take it personally or it hurts them, we cannot help. That’s why we say they have [a] choice if they want to come or not come. We don’t force them.”

Still, the note has caused a stir on the restaurant’s Facebook and Yelp pages.

“How soon we forget the wrath a bakery in the mainland faced for not wanting to service homosexuals,” one Yelp user wrote. “I always thought liberals were all encompassing and conservatives discriminating. This restaurant is an example of reverse discrimination or hypocritical discrimination.”

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