HE IS REAL! Santa Claus Elected to Alaskan Town’s City Council and That’s Not Even the Funny Part…

man_named_santa_claus_legally_elected_to_city_council_1Hopefully he will do a lot of good for North Pole.

It’s time to stop telling your kids that Santa Claus is a figment of our imagination.

He’s real, and he’s leading a town called North Pole, Alaska.

A man who legally changed his name to Santa Claus back in 2005 has just won a three-year term to service on North Pole’s city county – yes, the town is really called North Pole.

Thomas Patrick O’Connor changed his name to Santa Claus because of his love for Christmas. He has become a hero in the community, inspiring others to work together to move North Pole forward. Most importantly, he enjoys acting as Santa Claus to the children!

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