HEADWAY IN KANSAS: Proposed Senate Bill Would Be Huge Victory for Gun Rights in Kansas

cash-for-gunsTomorrow, the Kansas Senate is expected to consider Senate Bill 447.

If passed and enacted into law, SB 447 would expand Kansas’ firearms preemption provisions to open carry and prohibit municipalities from implementing local ordinances relating to the transportation of firearms.

Whether you choose to carry concealed, open carry or carry a knife for self-defense, SB 447 would eliminate the complex patchwork of gun laws that arise from local regulations.

In addition to addressing state firearms preemption issues, SB 447 would ban the use of taxpayer funds for gun “buyback” programs.  These programs are a waste of taxpayer dollars and have no proven impact on crime reduction.

Also, SB 447 would prohibit seized firearms not used in the commission of a felony from being destroyed by law enforcement agencies.  These firearms, so long as they are in operable condition, would either be sold to a licensed gun dealer (FFL) or donated to hunter education programs

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