HEAR THIS LIBERALS: A New Survey Shows Majority of Europeans in These 10 Countries Want to HALT Muslim Migration

Trump’s plans aren’t because of Islamophobia, it’s because there are real concerns! Take a look at this survey. Forward to all your liberal acquaintances and let’s see how they justify this (or protest against it).

By Chris Tomlinson

A new study on European attitudes toward Muslim migration has revealed that 55 per cent of Europeans in ten different countries want a halt to migration from majority Muslim nations.

The study was carried out by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and surveyed European attitudes to Muslim migration in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Poland, Italy, Hungary, France, Austria, and Spain. The 10,000 people surveyed were asked whether they agreed with the statement, “All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped”.


Apart from Spain (41 per cent) and the UK (47 per cent), a majority in every country wanted a ban on Muslim immigrants. Across all countries, an average of 20 per cent disagreed with the statement, and in no country did the percentage that disagreed surpass 32 per cent.

The largest resistance to Muslim migration came from Poland with 71 per cent agreeing on a total Muslim migration ban. Following is Austria (65 per cent), who were initially welcoming of migrants at the start of the migrant crisis. As the crisis wore on, the government of former Chancellor Werner Faymann collapsed and the subsequent government led by Christian Kern has taken a harder stance on migration.

The Hungarians who have, along with Poland, taken a firm anti-mass migration stance comes in third with 64 per cent tied with Belgium. The Hungarian result comes as little surprise to many as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has highlighted the importance of maintaining Europe’s Christian character.

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