HEARTBREAKING: NFL Star Accidentally Kills His Toddler Daughter When He…

There are many things parents have to worry about with their children.

You hear all the stories about parents accidently leaving their children in cars, leaving sharp objects out, or furniture not secured properly, falling on the little ones.

The parents didn’t mean to hurt or kill their child. It’s a heartbreaking situation that can lead to a lot of guilt.

Sadly, retired NFL tight end Todd Heap has found himself in this situation.

Heap accidentally ran over and killed his three-year-old daughter while moving his truck.

She was in the driveway when Heap, 37, pulled forward, not being able to see her, and ran over her.

She died later at a local hospital.

Police said there were no signs of impairment.


Heap and his wife Ashley have four other children.

Take this as a lesson. This can happen to anyone. You might think that Heap wasn’t paying attention, that he was in too much of a hurry.

But the truth of the matter is, we could all slow down. It doesn’t matter if you are a successful football player or if you work down the street from your house. We all have to take the time to protect those we love.

This is a terrible tragedy. Please keep this family in your prayers.

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