HELLO SATAN: Did Time Magazine Just Put Devil Horns on Hillary Clinton?

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 10.23.27 AM
Now that is hilarious.

The latest issue of Time magazine features Hillary Clinton on its cover, but there’s something different about the former secretary of state and would-be Madam President.

The way the magazine’s graphic designers positioned her silhouette under the letter ‘M’ in its iconic masthead appears to tack a pair of devil horns on her head.

And it’s not the first time Time has done this to a world leader.

Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher and Pope Francis have gotten the photographic Beelzebub treatment.

Even Jesus Christ was once pictured with horns – right above his crown of thorns.

This week’s subtle jab at Clinton, intentional or not, comes as she is under fire for using a secret, private email system during her years as secretary of state.

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