HERE’S A WACKY THOUGHT: ‘Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding Guns’ [WATCH]

Liberals minds are exploding at this thought. Check it.

If the only gun violence statistics you see are disseminated by the mainstream media or left-wing anti-Second Amendment groups, then in all likelihood you are horrified by America’s murder culture.

But what if what we’re being sold as truth is merely a means to achieve an agenda focused on seeing the American people totally disarmed?

In the following must-see video report from Truth Revolt, host Bill Whittle shows  the reality of America’s per capita murder rates.

Though we understand that a cranial rectal inversion may be their immediate response for fear of admitting the truth, we strongly encourage you to share this with those who may not have the full picture:

“Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding the Guns”

In a recent article Dr. Ignatius Piazza from the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute examines the reasons behind the push against personal firearm ownership in America and why anti-gun proponents like President Barack Obama refuse to address other deadly issues that cause far more deaths than guns:

Guns are not responsible for the 10 deaths at Umpqua College yesterday any more than cars are responsible for the 395 deaths over Labor Day weekend. That’s right, 395 men, women and children were killed over Labor Day in car accidents.

Why didn’t Obama hold a press conference the day after Labor Day, expressing, his grief and anger over the senseless killing of nearly 400 people on our highways during Labor Day Weekend?

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