HERO COP: Saved the Lives of 300 Children by Making this Self-Sacrificing Move

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 9.10.36 AMWithout a second thought, this cop acted to do what was right.

On Saturday, a caravan of 9 buses was traveling back from a children’s summer camp through the city of Abakan, the capital of the Khakassia Republic in southern Siberia when a cop—who is now being hailed as a hero—did the unthinkable.

Aleksandr Kosolapov, a Russian police officer, was accompanying the convoy of approximately 300 children when a reckless driver in the opposite lane began to veer into the path of the kids. As the onrushing Toyota Caldina, which was accelerating at a dangerously high speed, inched closer across the dividing line and ultimately into the wrong lane on the Abakan-Ak-Dovurak highway, Officer Kosolapov knew he had a decision to make—and he had to make it without hesitation.

Without regard for his own life, the 39-year-old man, who was entrusted to escort the busloads of children back home without injury, swerved his Ford Focus patrol car in-between the lead bus and the out-of-control vehicle. The calculated but devastating collision left both vehicles completely totaled and the officer with serious injuries.

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