HEY CHRISTIANS: Look Who Obama Just Appointed for Faith Based Partnerships

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 12.26.43 PMIs this Obama sticking it to the Christians of America? Sure seems that way. What do you think?

In one sweeping gesture President Obama just told the world not only what he thinks about transgender righteousness but also about traditional Christianity (a mere five years after he still “self-identified” as opposed to gay marriage).

In this case, the President needed somebody to appoint to the Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Now who could he appoint? Who could President Obama appoint that would just be a middle finger to Christianity and another notch on his Social Upheaval belt? Could it be……Satin!!??

Yeesh. According to GLAAD, a man who identifies as a woman named Barbara Satin was appointed to the President’s faith-focused council. To be fair, with a face like that, this guy/gal wasn’t going to win anything else in life.

This is the same supposedly Christian President who thinks nothing of lecturing the free world on all the bad things Islam isn’t despite actual Islamist begging to disagree, it’s only consistent of Obama to think he can change Christianity.

As GLAAD reported, ahem, Ms. Satin is a former member of the United Church of Christ’s Executive council and a longtime advocate for transgender community.

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