HEY GUN GRABBERS: If Guns Don’t Stop Violence, Then Why are the Israelis Buying so Many?

What’s commonsense to most liberty minded people, doesn’t come so easily for the big-government slaves. This one might confuse them a bit.

With the recent spike in violence, the most recent being a horrific attack on an Israeli bus station over the weekend, the government has loosened its restrictions on the process of obtaining a firearm permit. As a result, many Israelis are taking firearms training for the permit process. Yair Yifrach, a gun shop owner, told the Guardian “there is a huge interest among people” in obtaining a permit for self-defense, and that the interest is “from all parts of the population.”

According to the Law Library of Congress, there is no explicit right to bear arms in Israel. There’s also what appears to be a heavily regulated process for obtaining handgun permits for private use:

Issuing a firearms license for private use to other persons requires proof of the existence of a cause that justifies the license. In addition to specific training and mental health requirements, applicants must prove that possession of a firearm is needed based on the location of their residence or employment, the type of occupation they are engaged in, or service in elite Israel Defense Force (IDF) reserve units.

Military firearms are issued to IDF soldiers. As a general rule, a soldier does not take his gun on home leave. Exceptions to this rule apply to soldiers who serve in combat units, those who serve in the West Bank or other specified areas, or who have obtained special authorization from high-ranking military officers based on their officer rank or for reasons of personal safety associated with their home or service location.

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