Hey Liberals: Is It OK For Muslims to Teach Young Kids to KILL Gay People?

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-11-23-53-amIt seems like it would be very hard to be a liberal. You have to be all for gay rights but than turn around and support Islam. A little contradictory, don’t you think?

A SCHOOL for Muslim girls has been ordered to close down after a former pupil claimed students were being taught extremist beliefs, according to reports.

Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College for Girls in Nottingham is set to close its doors after being accused of teaching strict sharia-style rules to schoolkids, it has been claimed.

Former student Aliyah Saleem said that the boarding school was teaching girls that men should be allowed to beat their wives and gay people should be killed.

Now the fee paying independent school – which charges up to £3,500 a year – has been told to close down its residential operation.

Since boarders account for about 85 per cent of students, the school admits this will mean its effective closure, The Times reports.

Aliyah – who says she was expelled in 2011 for owning a disposable camera – said: “At least four girls accused of being lesbians were expelled during my time. Teachers and pupils discussed it openly.”

“It felt like everything was banned.”

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