HEY TEXAS: If You Don’t Think Pastors Should Be Forced to Marry Gay Couples, Call Your Representative Today

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 2.11.20 PMPick up the phone, or open your email account and contact your representative on these issues. Religious or not, it’s completely against our constitution to have our government impose on religious liberties. If you enjoy your freedom, you should support this bill!

We need help to get religious liberty and protection of marriage bills across the finish line to a vote in the Texas House and Senate. Not much time remains. The Texas Legislature will only be in session for 3 more weeks.

PLEASE act now! Please send an e-mail to each of the Calendars Committee members on these four bills with a simple message as outlined. If you are unable to e-mail each of the members, please at least e-mail or call the Chair, Todd Hunter. Also, there is one final, but extremely important action e-mail needed on SB 1155. Please notify as many people as you know who would help us.


HB 4105 by Rep. Cecil Bell, relating to the funding, issuing, and litigation of certain marriage licenses – marriage licenses being issued for one man, one woman only. This bill affirms our existing law and also defunds same-sex marriage.

ACTION: Send e-mail to House Calendars Chair Todd Hunter and members with subject line, “Please PASS HB 4105 out of Calendars.”


HB 3567 by Rep. Scott Sanford, protecting a pastor’s religious liberty so they can solemnize a marriage without violating their sincerely held religious beliefs.

ACTION: Send e-mail to House Calendars Chair and members with subject line, “Please pass HB 3567 out of Calendars.”


SB 2065 by Sen. Estes Senate version of HB 3567

ACTION: Please contact your state senator and in the subject line, or on the phone, “Please support and pass SB 2065.”


HB 3864 by Rep. Scott Sanford, protecting religious liberties and rights of conscience for faith based foster/adoption agencies.

ACTION: Send e-mail to House Calendars Chair and members with subject line, “Please pass HB 3864 out of Calendars.”


SB 1935 by Sen. Campbell, Senate version of HB 3864

ACTION: Contact Health & Human Services, Charles Schwertner, [email protected], or (512) 463-0105, say, “Please hold a hearing on SB 1935 which will protect our faith-
based foster/adopt agencies.”


HB 562 by Rep. Jeff Leach, “American Law for American Courts.” This bill says that if an issue comes before a court on the dissolution of marriage or custody of a child and involved is a contract or provision from a foreign government, and this would violate American law according to our Constitution, the Judge must rule in favor of American law.

ACTION: Send e-mail to House Calendars Chair and members with subject line, “Please pass HB 562 out of Calendars.”


SB 531 by Sen. Campbell Senate version of HB 562

ACTION: E-mail to the Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Joan Huffman at [email protected] with a subject line of “Please pass SB 531 out of committee.”



SB 1155 by Sen. Bob Hall, “Non-discrimination bill” would prohibit a county, municipality, or other political subdivision from creating new protected classes that are not defined by state law. This bill would prevent what we have seen occur in Plano, Houston, and San Antonio where there have been city ordinances passed regarding the use of bathroom and dressing room facilities by the opposite sex, challenges to people of faith regarding their beliefs about sexual orientation and gender identity, etc.


  1. Please contact Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
    [email protected]
    simply say, “Please hold a hearing on SB 1155.”
  2. E-mail the Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, Joan Huffman
    [email protected] subject
    line of “Please hold a hearing on SB 1155.”


HB 1556 by Rep. Rick Miller House version of SB 1155

ACTION: see request for Senate Companion SB 1155



Chair: Rep. Todd Hunter  (512) 463- 0672, [email protected]

Rep. Eddie Lucio III – [email protected]

Rep. Roberto R. Alonzo – [email protected]

Rep. Byron Cook – [email protected]

Rep. Sarah Davis – [email protected]

Rep. Charlie Geren – [email protected]

Rep. Helen Giddings – [email protected]

Rep. Patricia Harless – [email protected]

Rep. Dan Huberty – [email protected]

Rep. Eric Johnson – [email protected]

Rep. Ken King – [email protected]

Rep. Lyle Larson – [email protected]

Rep. Four Price – [email protected]

Rep. Debbie Riddle – [email protected]

Rep. Eddie Rodriguez – [email protected]

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: (512)463-0001
[email protected]

Senate State Affairs Committee (512) 463-0380
Chair Joan Huffman, SD 17, (512) 463-0117
[email protected]

Senate Health & Human Services (512) 463-0360
Chair Charles Schwertner, SD 5, (512) 463-0105
[email protected]

Whose your state senator? Go to link and type your
information in the box, “Who Represents Me?”

Thank you so much for your help!

Concerned Women for America of Texas
[email protected]

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