High School Seniors Build ‘TRUMP WALL’, Now Latino Classmates are Pissed [VIDEO]

The ‘wall’ was made of a bunch of boxes and blocked the school’s student common area. Under teacher supervision, about 30 students helped build the wall in the middle of night. Check out what the Latino students are saying about this. They are not very happy…

Some Latino students at McDowell High School are upset after a senior prank in which a few dozen students built a wall made out of boxes blocking access to a common area in the school. The students were allowed into the school on Wednesday night to perform the prank with a teacher supervising them.

A photo of the wall with about 30 students standing in front of it was shared on the photo app Instagram and captioned, “We built the wall first.”

Other students shared the photo with the hashtag “#buildthatwall” and “#thewallwillgoup” with an American flag emoji. The student sitting at the front and center of the photo is wearing a “Trump” t-shirt. According to some students, at one point, one of the seniors involved wanted to put a Trump logo on the box wall.

Two Latino students met with the principal on Friday to discuss their concerns over the wall, the photo and what they called some racist comments that followed.

Marta Guardian and Johnny Campos said Principal Edwin Spivey met with them and apologized. They also say he agreed to meet with them again on Monday to discuss ways to try to “repair relationships.”

News 13 spoke with Brian Oliver with the McDowell County Schools system on Friday about the photo and the offensive comments.

“It’s really unfortunate when anyone uses social media in an immature way,” said Oliver. “Once you launch it, you have no control. Comments that are made after you post a photo can say anything they want, and you have no control over what that message becomes.”

Oliver said the 30+ senior students involved will not face any disciplinary action for the prank or the photo.

“In viewing the actual photo and what took place, there’s not anything offensive in the photo,” said Oliver. “There was no offensive activity at the time. What became offensive or concerning was what took place on social media afterwards. So, it’s hard for the school to have control or to take action against something that happened on social media that was outside school hours and outside any school network.”

But Marta Guardian said the photo itself is offensive as well. Tears streamed down her face as she spoke about how far her family has come from where they started.

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