HILLARY: Accuses Republicans for Hiring Actors to Appear at Rallies

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 7.48.51 AMShe must be reading out of her own playbook.

Hillary Clinton accused Republican candidates of hiring actors to appear at campaign rallies on Iowa. Clinton was quoted as making the conspiratorial claim in a recent CNN article:

Since the calendar turned to 2016, Clinton has upped her focus on Republican candidates, casting herself as the most electable Democrat to keep the White House out of Republican hands. She routinely knocks them as out of touch with reality and questions their platforms.

“Honestly, I have to ask you, who do they talk to when they come to Iowa,” she said in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Monday. “I mean, I see them with people and I’m wondering if it’s like the same group of actors, they just move from event to event to event, because honestly I don’t know who they are talking to.”

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