Hillary Attacks Trump on Snapchat and Results are Scary

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.31.24 AMIf you’re on Snapchat and you’ve done the face-swap app, then you know how scary some of the results can be. Hillary gets creative with her attacks on Trump’s policies and does some face swapping of her own. I wonder if she sent those in an e-mail on her private server?

Hillary Clinton has mocked Donald Trump with a series of Snapchat face-swaps after comments he made about his behavior and rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Trump told supporters last week in Pennsylvania; ‘At the right time, I’ll be so presidential, you’ll be bored.’

Clinton responded to this on Thursday by posting a Snapchat story where she face-swapped Trump and past Republican presidents to show how the billionaire businessman’s comments are at odds with the beliefs of some of the men in his party who have been in the White House in the past.

The first example Clinton give is Abraham Lincoln, writing; ‘If Trump tries to be presidential like Honest Abe … Remember the time he refused to disavow the KKK.’

Lincoln’s face is then shown on top of Trump’s in a speech from earlier this year when Trump said of the KKK after being endorsed by white nationalist David Duke; ‘I would disavow if i thought there was something wrong.’

Trump did later denounce both Duke and the KKK in February.

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