Hillary Clinton Asked To Inscribe “Hard Choices” To Ambassador Stevens

Editor’s Note: When defending her involvement in the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton once said, “What difference does it make?” This week Jason Mattera threw those words back in her face.

Jason Mattera caught up with Hillary Clinton at one of the DC stops on her book tour this week, and asked the former Secretary of State if she would mind signing a copy of Hard Choices… but with a twist. “If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens,” Mattera queried. “I think you knew him.”

Christopher Stevens, of course, was the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was murdered along with three other Americans on Clinton’s watch, when Jihadists attacked two U.S. outposts in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

Hillary, surprised by the request, replied, “Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.”

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