Hillary Clinton: Republicans are the ‘Death Party’

While many Republicans are complaining the new Senate healthcare bill looks too much like Obamacare, the Democrats are being alarmists, claiming many will die if the new bill is passed.

One of those alarmists is none other than Hillary Clinton.

Go figure…

She said in a tweet that the GOP would be “the death party” if the bill passes.

She also retweeted a column from the Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy group.

In it, Harvard researchers claim that 8,000 to 28,000 people could die in 2026 if they were to lose coverage under the new policy.

But, if she would have listened to the President instead of trying to blast every word that comes out of his mouth, she would have heard him say “a little negotiation, but it’s going to be very good”.

It needs fixing according to Trump. This is just the first draft, Hillary. Take a chill pill.

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