Will this bombshell do in the Clintons once and for all?

Hillary Clinton’s attempt to cover her tracks, avoid legal jeopardy, and prevent further damage to her political aspirations has taken a major turn. A number of news organizations, including Fox News, are now reporting that Clinton has handed over to federal investigators in the Justice Department her personal email server.

The device at the center of the emailgate scandal that once was housed in Clinton’s personal residence will now, reportedly, be examined by forensics experts who may be able to recover the tens-of-thousands of so-called “personal” emails the former secretary of state said she deleted. In addition to the server, at least one thumb drive containing Clinton emails with potentially classified government secrets has been surrendered to investigators by Hillary’s attorney.

Meantime, as Fox News notes, Hillary’s oft-repeated assertion that she never sent or received classified materials through her privately managed email setup has taken another big hit. “Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said two emails that traversed Clinton’s personal system were deemed ‘Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information’ — a rating that is among the government’s highest classifications,” reports Fox News.

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