Hispanics from Illinois on Guns, Gays and Abortion

As Republicans ponder how to win over Hispanics in future election cycles, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

A poll of Illinois Hispanics conducted by pollster Mike McKeon found that a majority shared views generally considered to be sympathetic to the Republican party.

The poll found Hispanics in the conservative camp on social issues in particular. Fifty-one percent said they opposed legalizing gay marriage, compared to just 40 percent who favored legalization. Fifty-six percent called themselves pro-life, while just 33 percent said they were pro-choice.

A small plurality of those surveyed said they did not believe more gun laws would make their communities safer and reduce violence. Forty-seven percent said it would not help. Forty-two percent said it would.

Few identified themselves as liberals — just 14 percent — while 27 percent called themselves conservatives and 59 percent said they were moderates.

Yet when asked for their party identification…


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