HIT THE ROAD HILLARY: Clinton Email Scandal Eliminates her for President

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No kidding!

After one of the coldest weeks in history for the first week of March, a chill has hit Team Hillary. Conservatives are mining for the anti-Jeb Bush candidate to wrestle the Republican nomination away from Team Bush. The inevitability of another President Clinton or President Bush is in grave doubt – and for very different reasons.

Hillary campaign hit by blizzard of allegations

Hillary Clinton is in big trouble and she has likely disqualified herself from the presidency. She is guilty of rank hypocrisy and appears to have violated the law.

Back in 2007, during Clinton’s last failed attempt to recapture the White House for the Clinton family, she spoke at a conference titled Take Back America sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future. At the conference, Clinton attacked the President George W. Bush administration for violating “everything our Founders were afraid of.”

She bellowed to the adoring liberal crowd “our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, we know about the secret military tribunals, the secret White House e-mail accounts.” On all scores, Hillary Clinton has been complicit in these same offenses against the Constitution when imposed by Democrats.

Clinton was nowhere to be found when members of both parties complained about the NSA wiretapping scandal conducted by President Obama.

Clinton has yet to denounce President Obama for maintaining a kill list of American citizens without providing them any due process.

She not only did not denounce Obama Administration officials from maintaining secret e-mail accounts — she set one up herself.

This is a classic case of partisan doublespeak. Hillary Clinton is not to be trusted.

This scandal may be the end of her political career because if you look closely at the allegations, it is clear that Hillary Clinton took actions to conceal official communications from the federal government department that she ran — the State Department and the American people.

The New York Times reported that “as State Department lawyers sifted last summer through a new batch of documents related to the Benghazi attacks, they repeatedly saw something that caught their attention: e-mails sent to and from a personal account for Hillary Clinton.” In response, Clinton had her lawyers send over boxes full of e-mails and “roughly 900 pages pertaining to the Benghazi attacks” were produced.

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