ACTORS ON ‘WARPATH’: Hollywood Crybabies Rally Together to Pout at Anti-Trump Event

Actors unite and rage on a warpath to ‘defeat’ President Trump… and it is kind of hilarious seeing them pout. These Hollywood elites are disconnected with the rest of America. While their rally had a measly 2k show up, any pro-Trump rally would have a minimum of 6k if not more. Numbers talk, bullsh*t walks.

Industry pros, entertainers and civilians assembled by the hundreds today for United Talent Agency’s “United Voices” rally outside the company’s Beverly Hills headquarters.

Among the featured speakers at the event protesting Trump administration immigration policies was Oscar-winner Jodie Foster, who told the crowd that “it’s time to engage.”

“As the very, very dead Frederick Douglass one said, ‘Anytime is a good time for illumination,’” Foster said. “And this is the time for illumination. I believe this time is filled with light.”

UTA canceled its annual Oscars bash and organized the event after Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily banning immigration from several majority-Muslim nations. The ban was repeatedly halted by Federal courts and the administration eventually abandoned it. Trump is expected to unveil another executive order on immigration some time next week.


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