Holy Sh*t: Kurdish Female Fighter Narrowly Escapes Sniper Shot

A Kurdish female fighter is probably counting her blessings after this close encounter with death.

The footage was taken in Raqqa, a strong hold of the Islamic State.

These women are know for their bravery.

But what is so shocking is her reaction to almost being killed.

While most people would have probably shit their pants, this chick laughs.

According to the French RT article, translated via google translate tool:

“Kurdish women are not afraid of anything,” commented the owner of the Twitter account who published this video on the networks. The document, impressive as it is, has not yet been authenticated. Moreover, if the scene seems real, no assurance for the moment that it is.

The video, according to its author, was taken in Raqqa, a stronghold of the Islamic state, to which also belongs the sniper aimed at the young combatant. The identity of the latter seems confirmed by the badge that it bears and which includes the portrait of Abdullah Ocalan, Kurdish political leader imprisoned in Turkey and that are often displayed by the numerous Kurdish fighters engaged in Syria.

RT Internet contacted the authors of this video to learn more about the circumstances in which it was made. Its author is known on the networks for his tweets about the daily life of the Kurdish fighters engaged in Syria against the Islamic State in the Syrian Democratic Forces, in which are also engaged Christian fighters and members of the Free Syrian Army Rebel group).

You have to admire this woman’s bravery.

If only everyone fighting against ISIS had the same attitude, there would be a lot less of those terrorist scum walking on this planet.

On a side note: she should probably get rid of the bright blue bandanna.

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