HOLY SH*T STORM: Navy SEAL Questions ‘Sources’, CNN Host LOSES It [VIDEO]


Get ready to drop your jaw.

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie, during a panel discussion, questioned the credibility of CNN’s sources.

OMG! You would think he said he likes to eat puppies for breakfast.

Watch the sh*t storm that takes place.

Higbie: You’re basing all these allegations off of one or maybe two sources. Come out and name those people…

Host: 1, we protect our sources. 2, it’s not just CNN. It’s Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, ABC, NBC.

Higbie: Who are the sources? Because they’re hiding behind this anonymity.

CNN is not the standard for professional journalism.


So for this former SEAL to ask for verified sources seems like a legitimate request.

For all we know CNN could be pulling their ‘information’ out of their a**es… and no one would be surprised by that either.

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