‘HOMOSEXUALITY AND ISLAM ARE NOT CONTRADICTORY’: American Gay Imam Says the Quran Doesn’t Mention Punishment of Homosexuals

gay muslimThis may be true but I have a feeling other Muslims won’t agree. Just look at what ISIS did to four gay men when same-sex marriage was legalized in the US.

The first gay Imam, Daayiee Abdullah, claims the Quran does not specifically mention punishment of homosexuals.

His statement comes in light of crackdowns of gay pride rallies in Muslim countries. “Nowhere in the Quran does it say punish homosexuals,” he declared. “And historians have also never found any case of the Prophet Muhammad dealing with homosexuality.”

Other Imams and Muslims refuse to meet this “radical” man. Others lashed out because he allows men and women to pray next to each other. He also allows women to lead in prayers.

“We do not limit people by their gender or their sexual orientation, or their particular aspect of being Muslim or non-Muslim,” he explained. “They’re there to worship.”

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