HORRIFYING: Teen Girl Gang RAPED by 33 Men, Perps Brag About it on Social Media

The girl was unconscious during the whole encounter, most likely drugged by her boyfriend. Ladies, be careful who you date and trust.

Brazilian police are searching for 33 people suspected in the gang rape of a 16-year-old as graphic video and images of the girl posted on social media have shocked the South American country.

The perpetrators put up pictures and a video of the girl on Twitter, sparking a nationwide backlash. The incident occurred in a Rio de Janeiro slum over the weekend.

A police spokesman said Friday that four arrest warrants have been issued and more details would be released during the day.

According to part of the girl’s written testimony broadcast on CNN affiliate TV Record, she went to her boyfriend’s house Saturday and woke up in another house Sunday “with 33 men armed with rifles and guns.”

A 38-second video of the girl, naked and unconscious, was circulated on social media.

In the video, two male voices are heard bragging about “more than 30” people having sexual intercourse with her. They show close-ups of her sexual organs and use vulgar language while poking at her.

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